What type of dog should i buy

what type of dog should i buy

Dog Breed Selector

Find your perfect dog breed. Find the right dog breed for you. Choosing your new best friend can be quite a challenge! Our Dog Breed Selector can help you to find the right dog breed to suit your lifestyle. Take our quick quiz to reveal your best breed matches or . Easily find the best dog breeds for your family based on your preferred breed size, weight, friendliness, talents, intelligence, trainability and more.

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That charming little wag. You love it. Except for one thing. Should you base your decision on temperament, energy level, size, or something entirely different? Not sure? No worries. Tired of stressing which breed is best for you? Answer the questions below to discover your perfect dog match. No more headaches. No more worries. Just you and your perfect dog breed match.

Instead, have fun scrolling through these photos to find a breed that grabs you. You can also click on any breed photo to learn more about that breed as well as view available puppies. Are you living on a sprawling ranch, a cozy suburban dwelling, a stylish city apartment, a tiny house, or something different?

Next, consider your own personality. Do you prefer snuggling with a lap dog or exploring the great outdoors with an adventurous canine? Are you looking for a couch buddy or a steady jogging shouls Learn how to choose shoulc puppy by personality here. Last but not least, consider also puppy adoption versus purchasing from a reputable breeder. No doubt there are benefits and downsides to either option. While one individual will prefer to rescue a unique puppy mix, the next owner will be hard set to deal straight with typd purebred breeder.

Decide for yourself which is best by reading our guide on whether to adopt or buy whqt puppy here. Additionally you can check out our in depth breeder vs shelter article. Read Reviews. So congrats and welcome! Discovering your perfect breed is only a few clicks away.

To get started, simply take our dog breed selector quiz. Dog Breed Selector Quiz Tired of stressing which breed is best for you? In addition to appearance, think about the size of your selected breed.

Plus, how large is your home? How much canine can actually fit into your home? Dog Breed Size Quiz Take this quiz to learn which dog size is right for you.

Select a breed by personality. Browse Available Puppies. Can't Find Your Puppy? Sign up here how to start your own natural hair products business new listings. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. As Seen On.

Our quiz will help you find your perfect pup

Whether it’s small, medium, large, or giant, each breed presents something to be proud of. Watch the videos below to learn about the different dog sizes as well as consider how much canine you’re ready to bring home. Select a breed by personality. Next, consider your own personality. Take a dog breed selector quiz with PEDIGREE®. Our fun and easy-to-use Select-A-Dog® tool makes it easy to find perfect dog that best matches your lifestyle. What size dog are you interested in? Tiny (up to 11 pounds) Small (12 - 22 pounds) Medium (23 - 44 pounds) Large (45 - 88 pounds) Extra large (89 - pounds-plus) Not important. Get Started.

Choosing a dog can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. After all, you're committing to care for a living, breathing being who will depend on you his entire life! When choosing a new dog, so many questions run through your mind: "What kind of dog should I get? The first step to being a responsible dog owner begins before you even bring home a dog.

Thoughtfully and seriously assess your needs before making a decision, and you'll live long, happy lives together. Using our Dog Breed Selector, just answer a series of questions, and we'll find the right breed of dog for you.

Compare Breeds Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side. Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration. Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid.

Additional Resources AKC. Get Started in Dog Training. Clubs Offering: Training Classes. Dog Breed Selector. Presented by. Get Started. What is your experience with dogs? How much time can you put into training your dog? A little time: 1—5 hours per week. Some time: 6—10 hours per week. A house with a small yard. A house with a large yard. Do you prefer only to see dogs that are suitable for apartments?

What is your noise tolerance for barking? Only barks when necessary. What is your tolerance for shedding? Hanging on the couch. Going on an adventure. Founded in , the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. All rights reserved.

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