What size drapes for a sliding glass door

what size drapes for a sliding glass door

How to Size Pleated Draperies for a Sliding Glass Door

To determine the height of the curtain panel, measure the height of the door frame and add 4 inches. Most doors are 80 inches high, so the typical curtain panel for a sliding door would be 84 inches high. Jul 24,  · Additionally, you should add two to six inches for maintaining desired privacy. In addition, if you want to install two blinds on your sliding glass door then you should measure the width from the molding’s outside part and up to the center. Moreover, you should add one to three inches .

Sizing, or measuring, pleated drapes for a sliding glass door need not be an intimidating undertaking. The measuring process is the same as for a window, with consideration what does the word insight mean to the direction the drapes open and the hardware used. Armed with a metal tape measure and an understanding of the industry standard of measuring drapes and windows, a homeowner can measure with confidence and communicate the correct measurements to her drapery maker.

Measure the width of the sliding door frame using a metal tape measure. Measure the width of the window as the distance from glasa outside edge of the left side of the frame to the outside edge of the right side of the frame.

The industry standard for window and drapery measurements is that width is the measurement from left to right and length is the measurement from the top of the drape to the bottom. Decide how you want the drapes to open and close.

They can open either all to the doro or left, or split in the center. When open, drapes occupy up to 25 percent of the window. If you want all of the window exposed when the drapes are open, the drapes must be constructed wider than the window by this amount. This results in a curtain rod 25 percent wider than the window. If, for example, your window is inches from side to side and you want the entire window exposed when the drapes are opened to the left, the curtain rod must span inches and be positioned with the extra 25 inches extending past the window on the left side.

Typically, hardware for full-length drapes is positioned midway between the top of the door frame draoes the ceiling, but this is a personal decision. If you want to increase the perceived size of the window, install the hardware close to the ceiling. Calculate the required width of one-way stacking drapes by adding twice the return plus the slidinb of the rod for the width of the finished drape. For example, if the rod spans 84 inches and the return is 4 inches, the finished drape width is 84 plus 8 to equal 92 inches.

This is the required width of the single-panel pinch pleated drapes. Determine the required width of each panel of ehat split drapes by dividing the span of the rod by 2 and adding 4 inches for center overlap plus the return.

For example, if the rod spans 84 inches with a return of 4 inches, the finished width of each panel of drapes is 50 inches 84 divided by 2, plus 4, plus 4 to equal This is the measurement of the required width of each of two panels for center-split, pinch-pleated drapes.

Measure from the hole on the rod carrier that will accept the drapery pin to the required length of the drapes. This is the top-of-pin measurement. Typically, full-length drapes just skim the surface of the floor or carpet, but this is a personal decision. To this measurement, add the inches necessary to cover what does swag really means rod, the pin ring, or any other part of the rod, as required, and record this as the finished drape length.

Linda Erlam started writing educational manuals in She also writes a biweekly newspaper column, "Design Dilemmas," in how to remove a deep wood splinter "Lakeshore News" and has been published in "Design and Drapery Pro" magazine.

Erlam is a graduate of the Sheffield School of Interior Design and is a practicing interior decorator and drapery workroom operator. By Linda Erlam. Related Articles. The top-of-pin measurement indicates the placement of the drapery pin in relation to the finished length of the drapes and is a measurement a professional drapery-maker drape.

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Determine the required width of each panel of center split drapes by dividing the span of the rod by 2 and adding 4 inches for center overlap plus the return. For example, if the rod spans Jun 24,  · Before you get your fabric you need to measure your window to make sure you are getting enough. 5 1/3 yards is enough for 2 panels on a standard sliding glass window. Standard size if you buy them they are 84 inches long. You will just be making them as wide as the fabric you get. Also Know, what curtains for sliding glass doors? Patio Door Drapes Width Measurements If you are shopping for patio door drapes (for sliding glass doors), standard width of the door is 96” wide, and standard patio door drapery panel width is 96” wide too. But it is also advisable to have some extra width, wider than the actual width of your door frame.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. However, sometimes the sunlight is a bit overwhelming, especially when you want to watch TV, take a nap on the couch, or just generally avoid having the high noon sun shining directly into your eyes.

This is where curtains come into play because they not only provide a way to adjust the amount of sunlight that comes into your room but also provide much-needed visual interest to your door frame.

Unless you have a custom-made door that extends beyond the normal two-panel glass door measurements, your door is most likely about 6.

That means your curtains will need to be 4 inches longer than the door height 80 inches , and inch curtains will work perfectly! When it comes to the style, the most common ones are single panel, double panel, and triple panel. As shown here, this triple-panel curtain set is very unique, as it provides a different type of visual interest compared to the more traditional one or two-panel curtains.

Since this living room has a greenish-gray standard sectional sofa with a cream-colored area rug, these curtains are a perfect contrast as the pattern enhances the solid-colored sofa and rug while complementing the color scheme with greenish blue, gray, tan, and cream. Do you have any unique ideas regarding the aesthetic appeal? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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