What makes you snore all of a sudden

what makes you snore all of a sudden

Why Am I Snoring All Of A Sudden?

Causes Snoring can be caused by a number of factors, such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, a cold, and your weight. When you doze off and progress from a light sleep to a deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of . Nov 02,  · Another common cause of snoring is consuming foods for which you have a slight allergy. This can cause inflammation of the nose and throat, obstructing your airway and causing you to snore. Finally, if you’ve been prescribed a new medication, it may be causing your snoring. Some medications may cause snoring as a side effect.

Are you currently asking yourself why have I started snoring all of a sudden? It happens after they fall asleep and the airway gets obstructed for some reason and the throat tissues vibrate and thus they snore.

Research has shown that snoring is a problem all over the world, with 40 percent of men and 24 percent of women having continuous snoring problems. While some people just think snoring is a nuisance and annoying for anyone within hearing distance, it could actually be a sign of a serious medical problem, like sleep apnea, which is when someone briefly stops breathing while sleeping.

There are many reasons that could cause a person to snore, so if you are wondering why have I started snoring all of a sudden, here are some possible answers:. If you were recently put on some new kind of medication, it could be possible that snoring is one of the side effects. When it comes to alcohol consumption, if you had an evening where you drank more than usual or you have started to drink more often, then it could be causing your snoring because alcohol is a depressant and makes someone sleep deeper, thus the tissues in their throat become more relaxed and block the airway, thus they start snoring.

Another thing that could make someone start snoring is if they have gained weight or stopped exercising. That once again blocks the airway and can make you snore. If you do snore, you are possibly too tired to exercise, how to read wireshark traces that will start a cycle of gaining weight and snoring more and more.

When we get older, it can bring on changes in our hormone and that can change how certain bodily functions occur. For instance, women are more likely to snore how to do personal branding they hit menopause in their 50s. That can cause this tissue to fall down and constrict the airway, thus making a person snore. If you have started sleeping on your back, this could be the cause of your snoring.

If you have nasal congestion due to a cold or the flu, this is another thing that can cause someone to suddenly start snoring. This is a defect in the nose structure that can make a person snore. Perhaps you suddenly started snoring because you are allergic to something you just started having around you when you sleep. This makes the nasal cavity all irritated and inflamed. It could be caused by dust, pollen, animal fur, etc. The way to get rid of it is to get rid of whatever you are allergic to or to take allergy medication.

If you were recently in some sort of accident that caused damage to your jaw, then that could cause problems like snoring. This would be because the misshaped jaw is somehow blocking the airway or otherwise causing some sort of restrictions that make your breathing more ragged.

If you jaw heals, it could stop your snoring problem. Smoking irritates the throat and if you have just started smoking, this could be the reason you have suddenly started to snore. If you must smoke, try to stop two or three hours prior to bedtime and this may help you to snore less at night.

Snoring can start due to indigestion, which could happen if you eat a lot of spicy food prior to going to bed. Also, you should eat your last meal of the day at least three or four hours prior to bedtime to help it digest better and make it less likely you will snore. All in all there are many things that can cause a person to suddenly start snoring. If you are in this situation, please see your doctor for advice. Menu About Contact Resources.

1. Alcohol, Sedatives and Sleeping Pills

Snoring doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a medical condition, but it can sometimes be a sign of a serious sleep disorder, including sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is characterized by loud snoring followed by a few seconds of quiet because of a pause in breathing. This is followed by another loud sound, like a snort, then the snoring resumes. Snoring basically happens when the soft palate collapses in on the airway, restricting airflow. This causes the soft tissues within to ‘vibrate’ when you breathe. This is known as soft-palate vibration, and is the predominant cause of snoring. See if you have suddenly put on some kilos, your sudden snoring problem might be a result of your weight gain. People who are overweight tend to snore more as they have a thick layer of fat over the neck that put pressure to the airways. A narrowed airway due to extra fat causes a person to snore.

Have you been a quite sleeper throughout your life and suddenly started snoring? However, you need to think of a solution before the problem gets worse and you are thrown away from you bedroom by your partner or she decides to move out from your bedroom. Before consulting to your doctor it would be good if you think and see if you have adopted some new changes in your lifestyle or diet recently which maybe causing you sudden snoring.

Your might not have the idea how difficult it is for your partner to sleep beside a snorer all nigh through. Take you snoring problem very seriously because snoring is not just an inconvenience that your family or partner faces every night but it is a door to more serious health conditions such as erectile dysfunction, cognitive issues, cardiac problems and sleep apnea that are clear result of sleep deprivation.

It is vital to start with finding the cause of your snoring problem. Check if you are taking some new medication that has been prescribed to you by your doctor or taking some over-the-counter drug. To your surprise, sometimes a rare combination of old and new medication causes over relaxation to the throat muscles that result in sudden snoring.

You can discuss with doctor about medications you have been taking for long and how it would react when taking it with new drug that the doctor has prescribed. Second most obvious reason of snoring is weight gain. See if you have suddenly put on some kilos, your sudden snoring problem might be a result of your weight gain. People who are overweight tend to snore more as they have a thick layer of fat over the neck that put pressure to the airways.

A narrowed airway due to extra fat causes a person to snore. Snoring is intense vibration occur when air passes through within the narrow airways. Everyone who is reading this article will agree that alcohol consumption and smoking causes mild to severe heath issues but did you know that according to various clinical studies they have been discovered as a major cause of snoring.

Harsh chemicals in the cigarette irritate soft nasal tissues and causes severe inflammation in the nasal airways. While alcohol causes over relaxation of the muscles and create high vibration leading to snoring. Do not leave the problem entirely to the doctor, finding the reason is important to finding the cure for it.

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