What is the definition of metric ruler

what is the definition of metric ruler

Difference Between Metric and Standard

A metric ruler is 30 cm in length. This type of ruler is commonly called a metric foot ruler because it is similar in length to a one foot ruler. Aug 22,  · a metric ruler measures length, width and height, and you can get them at and store that sells school supplies or like staples. if you ask they will help you find one in the store. 0 0. Aurora. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. yep it's just a regular ruler, with inch/cm and with mm in there as well.

Asked by Wiki User. A ddefinition ruler such as one used in an office or school would be set out how to work out flat rate vat Millimetres and Centimetres. A metric ruler shows centimeters. Centimetres and millimetres are the metric measurements used on a metric ruler.

A centimetre, usually. The unit of measurement could be a centimeter on a metric ruler. By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that metric ruler is used to measure the length of the small objects in meters or cm or inches.

InFrance adopted a meter as its official unit of length. From that time on we had metric rulers. Most people would use centimetres, though retailers may use millimetres.

A metric ruler. Metrid metric ruler or a metric tape measure. You can also use a meterstick. I'm pretty sure that would be a metric rulerA metric ruler. Rulers, metersticks, etc The units of metric length are centimeters and millimeters. The metric unit is a millilitre. A metric how to edit file type is 30 cm in length. This type of ruler is commonly called a metric foot ruler because it is similar in length to a one foot ruler.

A metric ruler measures in inches and centimeters. A metric ruler is a tool used to measure objects using the metric system. It depends on the type of ruler you are using. The measurements should be written along the edge of the ruler. You would use a ruler and measure in millimeters or centimeters.

A metric ruler is a piece of wood or plastic, marked at millimetre intervals. The US ruler is called the president. I not a metric unit of anything! A litre is one metric unit for volume. A metric ruler is to measure anything you'd like. Yes, you can use a metric ruler what is the definition of metric ruler measure length. Ask Question. Math and Arithmetic. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What is the metric unit on a ruler for measurement?

What is the metric unit of measurement for a ruler? What is the metric unit of a ruler and a meterstick? Using unit in a sentence? What metric unit is used to describe the mass of an object? What is the primary unit of measure for the metric side of a ruler? What unit is measured with a metric ruler? A metric ruler is used to measure? When was the first metric ruler made? What is the smallest unit shown definjtion the metric ruler? What merric unit would you use to measure the height of a table?

What instrument measures metric length? What is the metric unit of capacity of a teardrop? How long is a metric ruler? Is a metric ruler the same as a meter stick?

What are the smallest units on a metric ruler? What does a metric ruler measure? The definition of a metric ruler? Where is 8 inches on a ruler? When do you use the metric ruler? How would you measure the length of a textbook in the metric unit? What you a metric unit of volume? What is a metric ruler and how is it used?

Can you use a metric ruler to measure length? Trending Questions How to get higher conversions on my website? Part AWrite an expression that represents the cost, in dollars, of admission to the museum including admittance to n special exhibits. Name and explain the definitoin terms that describe how an airplane moves in three dimensions? Hottest Questions How did chickenpox get its name? When did organ music become associated with baseball?

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Metric Rulers. Making accurate measurements is very important! The first step in measuring the length of an object using a ruler is making sure that you're using the correct ruler. That will depend a bit on what you mean by "ruler". You have to use a mathematic definition of such object. But let's assume that you by a ruler means a line segment accompanied with a scale, that is a linear assignment of "length markings" ranging from 0 up to some maximal value. Meter Stick (Metric Ruler) Tool used to measure length. Graduated Cylinder. Tool used to measure volume. Thermometer. Tool used to measure temperature. Define temperature. How hot or cold something is. Define mass. The amount of matter in an object. Define .

A ruler , sometimes called a rule or line gauge , is a device used in geometry and technical drawing , as well as the engineering and construction industries, to measure distances or draw straight lines. Rulers have long been made from different materials and in multiple sizes. Some are wooden. Plastics have also been used since they were invented; they can be molded with length markings instead of being scribed. Metal is used for more durable rulers for use in the workshop; sometimes a metal edge is embedded into a wooden desk ruler to preserve the edge when used for straight-line cutting.

Shorter rulers are convenient for keeping in a pocket. Rigid wooden or plastic yardsticks , 1 yard long, and meter sticks , 1 meter long, are also used. Classically, long measuring rods were used for larger projects, now superseded by tape measure , surveyor's wheel or laser rangefinders. Desk rulers are used for three main purposes: to measure, to aid in drawing straight lines, and as a straight guide for cutting and scoring with a blade. Practical rulers have distance markings along their edges.

A line gauge is a type of ruler used in the printing industry. These may be made from a variety of materials, typically metal or clear plastic. Units of measurement on a basic line gauge usually include inches, agate , picas , and points. More detailed line gauges may contain sample widths of lines, samples of common type in several point sizes , etc. Measuring instruments similar in function to rulers are made portable by folding carpenter's folding rule or retracting into a coil metal tape measure when not in use.

When extended for use, they are straight, like a ruler. The illustrations on this page show a 2 m 6 ft 7 in carpenter's rule, which folds down to a length of 25 cm 10 in to easily fit in a pocket, and a 5 m 16 ft tape, which retracts into a small housing. A flexible length measuring instrument which is not necessarily straight in use is the tailor's fabric tape measure, a length of tape calibrated in inches and centimeters.

It is used to measure around a solid body, e. It is rolled up when not in use, taking up little space. A contraction rule is made having larger divisions than standard measures to allow for shrinkage of a metal casting. They may also be known as a shrinkage or shrink rule. A ruler software program can be used to measure pixels on a computer screen or mobile phone. These programs are also known as screen rulers. In geometry, a ruler without any marks on it a straightedge may be used only for drawing straight lines between points.

A straightedge is also used to help draw accurate graphs and tables. A ruler and compass construction refers to constructions using an unmarked ruler and a compass. It is possible to bisect an angle into two equal parts with a ruler and compass. It can be proved, though, that it is impossible to divide an angle into three equal parts using only a compass and straightedge — the problem of angle trisection.

However, should two marks be allowed on the ruler, the problem becomes solvable. In the history of measurement many distance units have been used which were based on human body parts such as the cubit , hand and foot and these units varied in length by era and location.

The oldest preserved measuring rod is a copper-alloy bar that dates from c. Ancient bricks found throughout the region have dimensions that correspond to these units.

Anton Ullrich invented the folding ruler in Frank Hunt later made the flexible ruler in The equivalent of a ruler for drawing or reproducing a smooth curve, where it takes the form of a rigid template, is known as a French curve. A flexible device that can be bent to the desired shape is known as a flat spline , or in its more modern incarnation a flexible curve.

Historically, a flexible lead rule used by masons that could be bent to the curves of a molding was known as a lesbian rule. Ludwig Wittgenstein famously used rulers as an example in his discussion of language games in the Philosophical Investigations. He pointed out that the standard meter bar in Paris was the criterion against which all other rulers were determined to be one meter long, but that there was no analytical way to demonstrate that the standard meter bar itself was one meter long.

It could only be asserted as one meter as part of a language game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An instrument used to measure distances or to draw straight lines. This article is about the measuring device.

For other uses, see Ruler disambiguation. For the mathematical unfolding problem, see Carpenter's rule problem. Main article: Compass and straightedge. Accuracy and precision — Closeness to true value or to each other Dividing engine Golomb ruler — Set of marks at integer positions along an imaginary ruler such that no two pairs of marks are the same distance apart Measuring instrument — Device for measuring a physical quantity Measuring rod Rolling ruler Scales: architect's scale metric scale and engineer's scale Significant figures — Any digit of a number within its measurement resolution, as opposed to spurious digits Technical drawing tool — Tools and instruments used for accurate and precise manual drafting.

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