What is a loss prevention officer

what is a loss prevention officer

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Loss Prevention Officer Job Description. Preventing theft in retail stores is the main responsibility of Loss Prevention Officers. To do so, they typically monitor surveillance cameras and walk around the store watching shoppers while remaining as inconspicuous as possible. To that end, Loss Prevention Officers do not wear uniforms. Nov 23,  · The Loss Prevention Officer will be required to conduct surveillance, detect and act on suspicious activity, and ensure the recovery of stolen items. Where necessary, you should involve the authorities. To be successful as a Loss Prevention Officer, you should possess the ability to conceal yourself in plain sight.

The National Association of Shoplifting Prevention reports that more than 13 billion dollars worth of merchandise is stolen from prsvention each year. It is the duty of loss prevention officers to protect this merchandise by thwarting dishonest shoppers and employees. Unlike what return do investors expect security guard, who makes his presence known by wearing a uniform, the loss prevention officer employs covert techniques -- plus skill, expertise and luck -- to apprehend thieves and shoplifters.

Loss prevention officers are on constant lookout for suspicious behavior from both customers and employees. They also keep an eye on places that only employees can access, such as stockrooms, back door areas and loading docks. Although loss prevention officers do not have the ability to formally arrest anyone, they can apprehend shoplifters suspected of stealing and detain them for questioning.

As an individual might flee or turn violent, most lost prevention officers seek support from their local police authorities whenever a shoplifter is caught and apprehended. Because a shoplifting or employee theft case may end up in court, loss lrevention officers write detailed reports whenever an incident ifficer theft occurs.

The events that happen during the apprehension can then be reviewed in the event that the loss prevention officer has to testify. In some cases, the officer also has to initially identify the person accused of shoplifting, either by looking at a series of photographs or viewing a police lineup. Experience in loss prevention is also considered helpful; however, some entry-level positions do not require it. The job outlook in the overall field is expected to show growth of 21 percent from towhich is faster than the average for all occupations.

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So how do they stop loss prevention?

Jun 29,  · Loss prevention officers work in retail environments to prevent shoplifter theft as well as theft from store employees. Officers maintain . Loss Prevention Officer. At the heart of retail are the needs of the customer. One way stores keep customers happy is by keeping prices low. Loss prevention is one of the most important departments in any retail store because loss prevention officers can minimize theft, keep profit margins high, and help keep consumer prices low. What is a protection officer? Protection officers have many titles: security guard, security officer, campus police, loss prevention officer, crime prevention officer, retail loss prevention agent, military police, and several others. They can work part time or full time.

By smatrouh. Many of our team come from ex loss prevention roles and as a result, are highly experienced. With this in mind, what exactly is a loss prevention officer and what exactly do they do?

Conversely smaller retailers or shopping centres might contract this role out to experienced security companies like ours. The idea is that in addition to keeping a close watch on store security, they can also go onto the shop floor and observe unnoticed. The main task of a loss prevention officer is simple, Loss prevention. In other words, they prevent people from stealing from the company. They also need to be able to interact and deal with perpetrators, so good communication skills are essential.

This might include looking out for people wearing excessive amounts of clothing, or those who enter with large bags. In addition to physically preventing losses, an LPO might also be called on by a retailer to carry out in-store security training or to help create a more security-conscious zone. They might for instance look at camera placement, enhancing security tagging, or develop further procedures and policies to assist store employees in preventing theft. Finally, they might also be asked to carry out store security risk assessments and report back to company HQ with their findings.

Ultimately not only will this give you peace-of-mind knowing that you have the right people for the job, but it might save your business a ton of money in the process,.

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