Song take only what you need

song take only what you need

MGMT - Kids Lyrics

You were a child Crawling on your knees toward it Making momma so proud But your voice is too loud. We like to watch you laughing You pick the insects off plants No time to think of consequences. Control yourself Take only what you need from it A family of trees wanting To be haunted Control yourself Take only what you need from it A family of trees wanting. Oct 13,  · Control yourself, take only what you need from it A family of trees wanted to be haunted [Instrumental Break] [Chorus] Control yourself, take only what you need from it.

Lyrics submitted by mwalkedited by dodgerbluecynthia Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Kids song meanings. Add Your Thoughts Comments. My Interpretation Many had really good interpretations of the song! I think this song is def of the stages of life. Your a child born so innocent in this world, with a beautiful smile that could make any parent proud. You begin to lose the meaning of whats important in life.

But the bad things you learn from those around you will only haunt you. To avoid this take only what you need from the world. Try your best not to become selfish as the rest of the world. Its a reminder to only take what you need from the world around you, nothing more nothing less.

Wish I could explain exactly what I feel but words cannot describe everything I think this song means. MilkyLumpz on December 26, Link. There was an error. Kinda related A lot of people don't express themselves to the full extent because they are afraid of the consequences. As a result, a lot of people join "cliques", become blissfully ignorant, and that's is where the mess begins.

People are awesome, but they've managed to turn something so beautiful into a head case for some individuals. Life is full of learning, if we don't aspire to learn, we will never attain that close-to perfect feel we all want.

That's what i think when i hear songs like this chiper84 on February 15, Right on the nose! MilkyLumpz yea, I thought this today too, and surround us with what motivates us and makes us happy simonmaznm janusz korczak how to love a child October 23, I like thinking of it in terms of that -- it kind of gives that what are acoustic ceiling tiles made of this new element of sadness.

In the chorus of this song -- "Control yourself. Take only what you need from it. Yada yada yada, etc, etc ,etc. You get the picture. Anyone else see the connection? Dang son on March 13, Link. Dang son. I can totally see that Pixee what information is included in a pay stub January 29, I think that's a really good interpretation.

I love that book : and this song! Wangchung2nite on August 28, That would give the whole "A family of trees" lyric a lot more sense. Yeah, I see what you're getting at.

A praise-worthy find! IzzO on January 05, I've read that book a few times. It's my Mom's favorite book I think that that theory could apply to "Control yourself, take only what you need from it RLP on April 25, RLP: Family of trees is literally your family, especially your parents. They want to be haunted like the little boy haunts the giving tree in his youth.

Haunts is good. Dang son yeah, I was listening to this song while working out yesterday and all of the sudden I thought of "The Giving Tree" and I thought the songwriter just MUST have meant to make that connection. Funny how I never caught it in the hundreds of times I've listened to this song before. Anyway, I came here to see if anyone else thought there was a giving tree reference.

General Comment I was thinking that this song might be about human impact on the environment. The family of trees falling line is giving a conspicuous example of how humans destroy ecosystems like rain forests on a regular basis. Spot on mate! That's my take on the song also, I was thinking about earth and the environment when he says "take only what you need from it", Great minds think alike!

I think you are right as well. However, I think the lyrics are "a family of trees wanting, to be haunted. I think "it's a family of trees wantin' to be haunted" is about the trees wanting the human race to go extinct so the trees, nature, gaia, can live again with simply the memory and ghosts of humankind. That sounds right! This is how I interpreted it myself, except for "the water's warm, but it's sending me shivers". My take on this is that "the water is warm" this is typically synonymous with "hey everyone is doing it, so come on in", we are all fat cows using and abusing this earth, destroying the forests, the forests are calling to be haunted, calling for spirits to haunt us out of them.

He recognizes that like I do. It sends me shivers. I agree as well. Though, sometimes I get a sense of the song being about humans and how to plan road trip with google maps own families and how we use eachother to find our own path in life without thinking of the feelings of others or how it may effect the world.

This song makes me think about how I am taking my own existence for granted; as many do. I had a similar take on this, except I thought "the water is warm, but it's sending me shivers" was a reference to global warming. Why would warm water give you shivers? Because it's not supposed to be warm. Bazzo on February 09, Why all the references to childhood though?? Ur environment thing might be a coincidence IPF on April 29, Matty the only enemy we truly have is nature???????????????

I hope this is NOT what you wanted to say Nice lyrics because it touches every human I think you're right, because the song was played at the end of the documentary Tapped, which is about the impact people have on the environment when they use water bottles.

I was watching the documentary, and found myself dancing to the song, and I don't dance lol. It was so funny! Yes, I think this is the song's main theme…and I have an interpretation of trees wanting to be haunted: Only old, majestic trees can be described as 'haunted'. Love the song. Glad I finally found someone who agreed with me. I think this whole album Oracular Spectacular is about humans destroying the Earth. It's clearer in the ending with "Peices of what" Pieces of what we used to call home, Earth is now destroyed and the peices are falling from the sky how to charge a samsung galaxy s5 wherever they are, then "Of moons, birds, and monsters, "Dont you know about the temperature change?

Or hoping that an unknown force will repair things for you" TheBeesMang on November 07, You definitely have the most correct answer than anyone else has said in reference to the meaning of this song. So, to help further this theory of the meaning of the song being about how humans are destroying the world. Everyone keeps asking "what about the part about the child crawling towards it" Therefore, all humans are being referred to as "KIDS". The reference to "Making momma so proud but we're still too loud" And, how she loves us but we're still disrupting her peace.

Remember, the Creation of Adam humans was by God and Earth dirt. Although, I do not believe The Bible is to be taken to literal While, more than likely our spirits return to the overall Universe. While we live on this planet we are combined by the two and therefore are a product of their united love But "a baby is born crying out for attention" so she tends to it, nurtures it and helps it grow by providing all the things here on earth for us humans to survive It was made out of love, not bought.

But she thought this wouldn't hurt a lot, but she was wrong because look at what we're doing to her now. Especially in that certain part of the song its as though its Mother Earth speaking

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Jun 16,  · Listen to Take Only What You Need on Spotify. Woodpile · Song · "control yourself take only what you need from it" is in references to controlling yourself and not fighting over the child and tearing them apart in the settlement. "A family of trees wanted, to be haunted", in trying to keep the child and have grandchildren, future generations of that family are scarred because the child is scarred in the fighting over him. control yourself, take only what you need from it(don't take more than you need from the Earth) a family of trees wanting, to be haunted(I believe this is talking about the trees in the rainforests, and how they should be left alone).

Go to Songsear. Does anyone know the one that goes " if they want to leave then shake there hand and let them go its gonna be hard but if thye loved you darling you know so stop begging them to stay they're not the one and that's okay". What's the title for this song and the artists. Not a lot of info to work with but maybe someone does remember. I am looking for a song that goes by the line " she is the one that makes me smile anytime I look at her she makes fell so happy She kiss my lips in the morning and I cannot forget her the whole day.

Who sung this song and please give me the details if you can.. I think this song is by Eden Maze? It's sung by a male singer and it's mostly piano. Even though you know she's given it up, You know it in your head, but your heart can't stop holding on, Holding on Your friends all say you're going to fall, It's all running through your head as you get in the car, holding on, Holding on I could be wrong but I believe the song falls under indie.

I can't waste another minute I'll be on my way lyrics. What happend to this song it was a big hit them just up and disappeared Send help please! Hi all I am searching for a song. I couldn't hear it all hence random lyrics lol. It was played at end on American idol episode 7 in background whilst judges were talking. Here are some of lyrics and it was a female singing: "Lets keep it real. Share how we feel" "Behind you" "Be true" "It's time Appreciate any help here as I really like it lol.

I'm tryna find the sample in Pillz and Billz on Rod Wave's new album. It's the girls voice that sings at the beginning " Even though you broke my heart I couldn't figure out the line here , Can't get you out of my head. Send help lol ive been looking for weeks and I can't find the original of what he sampled. Hi I'm looking for a song on the intro of Mutant X,season 1 episode 13 it goes 'It's your favourite place to be..

When you never lie to me I work at Goodwill and their radios been playing this country song sung by both a Male and female it's mostly the female singing it's pretty catchy and the theme of the song seems to be about a breakup. The only lyrics I can remember are something along the lines of "over and over you said were through" and "something something never change" it also has a mild rock feel to it.

I've been looking everywhere in the web for the song based on the lyrics I can remember to no success. I am looking for a song about a guy singing "he will be flying so high when karma comes back around' I think he also sings one about a "goddess who is naked and frivolous" I think there is a spanish guitar in the music. Hi I'm searching this song.

It's a modern song. The beat is like this. I was looking for this california. I was looking for love ah ah ah ahh. Looking for love ah ah ah ahh. I don't really remember the lyrics so I came up with the closest I can possibly enunciate with what I remember. I'm looking for a song with the lyrics something along "Everything we sing one day will just be played" and something also along the lines of "everything we do one day will just be a memory" but I'm not sure if that is the accurate lyrics.

I'm looking for the last song I heard in a specific episode of a podcast. The episode is: Episode 4 - Marco Polo. It's played at the very end. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Im looking for an edm type song that's not too hardcore edm and its possible that the snippet I'm about describe is from a remix.

It has a vocalist that sounds similar to matthew koma singing high notes and the lyrics I can remember sounded like either "I'm drowning in your ocean aaa If anyone can help me out that would be great. I can't remember the lyrics but I think he said something along the lines of you could've had me but you played me or you wanted to play games.

It kinda gave me "without you" by the kid laroi vibes. Looking for a song. Some lyrics in the chorus are "far away from me but I didn't get the word never" A woman sings this song. This chorus is repeated a lot of times in this song. Please help! It is a pop song more like 'Oah' by Alexander. The lyrics goes like I am not sure "Maybe you're not out of my life. Tell me that baby I am so sorry". Hello i want to know the name of the song i dont kw the exact lyrics but by hearing its something like- oh oh oh when i become your man i may call you hardly now could you please say songs that do move along me.

Thanks in advance. Hi, Im searching for a song saying " I know only one country, your body, I have only one sin.. Looking for a song, sang by two ladies it's rnb type,starts with and ends with ohh ohh ohh ohh. I don't know so much about the lyrics. Am looking for I gave you many chance you lied ,because I love you I dey cry Someone should help I love the music. Extremely obscure, found it on youtube and then lost.

Hi, I am looking for a song title and artist of song, lounge kind of music. The singer is a female. Here is the main part: Don't waste your time with me I'm half crazy can't you see I'm frozen in my fantasy So This death and burn of mine mind? Hi, I'm looking for a lounge kinda song from the early s, female singer. Main lyrics go like this: Don't waste your time with I'm half crazy can't you see I'm frozen in my fantasy So This death and birth of..

I'm trying to find the name of a black play that I saw years ago. There was a song in the play with words like, it should have been me standing in front of you Lord. The lady was standing before a cross singing it after someone close to her had died. WELL here is a long shot since apparently this artist is not OUT there or whatever and Shazaam can't find it.

Open your eyes I don't care what anyone says you're here live your dreams. I remember listening to it to It could be older but no older than for sure. I remember a few lyrics of the chorus.

It was a woman singing. You could run away but all your words will stay put If I had a dollar for every single time I heard you say something like this don't worry babe I'll be there soon. It is not your fault. You owe me nothing at all. But I'd wish you could hold me and say I'm your favorite I am looking for the artist and title. I heard the title is Original. I am looking for a song from the channel love nature 4k.

Shazam is not able to find it but it goes something like: take me anywhere, take me wherever the road goes, lead me to a place full of wonders. Idk what he said. Made no further than late I believe. It was also popular on tik tok. The song is played when Katie tears a photo apart third scene at the beginning. The internet says its Lady Gaga-Brown Eyes, but it isn't. Fun-ft Janelle Monae - We are young Sorry if its wrong. Can you please help me find a song. It's a gospel song it goes like Call out my name and i'll come running, call out my name and I'll be there no matter where or when you need me call out my name and lll be there.

Hi, If you go on youtube and type "Daunte Wright Waving Gun on Video", what song is he listening to that's playing in the background?

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