How to write beautiful in arabic

how to write beautiful in arabic

how do you write Beautiful in arabic?

Jun 05,  · Favorite Answer There are many words used to describe "beautiful", as in English where you have pretty, gorgeous, etc. In Arabic, a couple of words are "jameela (female) - . 1:Say "jameel" to refer to a male, or "jameela" to refer to a woman. In Arabic, this translates directly to "beautiful". [1] Pronounce it "jah-meel" or "jah-meel-ah". The Arabic character is: ????.

Asked by How much are glastonbury tickets 2011 User. How do you write Becky in Arabic? Beautiful in arabic is Jameel male Jameelah female There are other words but that's the most used.

How do you write ayaan in arabic? Jessica means beautiful in Arabic Jessica is not geautiful Arabic name and therefore has no actual meaning in Arabic. It comes from an English rendering of the Hebrew "Yiskah" which means "clairvoyant". Arabic is a very hard language, it is so hard to write in Arabic, you are lucky if you know how to talk and write and understand in Arabic. Beautiful boy : - shab heloo in non-formal Arabic language -- which is more familiar.

You can say : Jameela, or Helwa. The name for Jamel in Arabic means beautiful. The Arabic language is a beautiful one. I would love to visit the Arabic countries. Ask Question. English to Arabic. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. what is pre shared key for wifi on a blackberry you write a beautiful day in Arabic?

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There are many words used to describe "beautiful", as in English where you have pretty, gorgeous, etc. This is a really bad idea for a tattoo anyway, I'd think again if I were you. If you're not arabic, and have no links with the language or culture, why would you want an arabic tatoo?

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Man charged with killing 3 in Wisconsin tavern shooting. Wizards rookie suffers sickening in-game injury. Answer Save. Beautiful In Arabic Writing. Learn Arabic With Rocket Arabic! This Site Might Help You. RE: how do you write Beautiful in arabic? Jassy Lv 7. Jameela -beautiful for fem. Sorry i do not have the arabic keyboard. The opposite of what it is now. Still have questions?

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