How to weave an easter basket out of construction paper

how to weave an easter basket out of construction paper

How to Make a DIY Paper Easter Basket

Mar 15,  · Arrange the 14” pieces 4 across, being sure to alternat colors. Weave 4 more 14” pieces in the other direction of the 4 you already have placed down, alternating colors again. Adjust the inner. Mar 02,  · Cut four 14? long pieces of the third color of paper. If you don’t have paper that is long enough, you can tape two pieces together. Arrange the 14? pieces in the pattern above. Weave in 4 pieces (14? ones) horizontally so it looks like the picture above.

Easter is slowly creeping up on us and you know we love to create with paper. Any holiday craft we are making with the kids has got to be simple enough. Here weavf our first fun and easy Easter craft- make a basket with paper weaving. Paper weaving is a classic craft activity and my 4 yr old loves to use colors to create patterns through weave.

I used a simple construction paper for the craft. Make long, equidistant cuts only to the lower half of the construction paper. Choose another construction paper, preferably a different color, which makes for a prettier weave effect. Cut this into long, equidistant strips. Now to begin, use the base kut and the color strips and create the weave. You can oc to go over or under and keep alternating until you run out of room on paped base sheet.

This is a great patterning exercise for preschoolers. Create patterns with varying colors and varying weaves go over or under. Kids might need a little help to get started but soon with a few weaves they how to import contact in outlook 2010 master the art of weaving in no time. Once the weave is done, cut into a basket shape.

Paper weaving is an excellent practice for fine motor, and learning patterns. You can do alternating colored strips of paper for nicer effect. We cut out paper eggs using a stencil. My pre schooler had a great time using her water colors to decorate the paper eggs. It is upto you to include any kind of learning activity while decorating the eggs. Writing numbers on them, write names of family members, decorate with shapes patterning how to keep stink bait on a hook really.

We added a few plastic leaves to mimic grass and viola! There you have it, a simple and easy Easter craft to make with your kiddos. Add a personalized message and gift it to your loved ones. Thanks for stopping by our little space here. We encourage you to stick around and take a look at couple of our popular posts.

Follow us on Pinterest for more kids activities. If you love play based learning and enjoy doing activities with your kids, Pinterest truly is the place to be: For parents, educators and baskett. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tots! Off to pin! Very cool idea! I think we will try this one at our house!

And I love how the bow at the top really completes the look of an Easter basket. Thanks for sharing! Your email address will not be published.

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You can also use newspaper, magazine pages, old posters or any other kind of paper that you may already have. It depends on how you want your basket to look. Have a look at our album of woven paper Easter basket for inspiration.

And start making your own by following the step-by-step tutorial below! Now if you want something gorgeous to put in your basket, these painted easter eggs might just do the trick!

Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can measure the first one, then use it as a pattern and trace it to create the others. Set one of these aside to use as the handle for the basket. Weave in each of these pieces to form the basket.

After this, the leftover paper at the top can be folded over if long enough , or just trimmed an glued to the side. Thanks to sarahndipity for this great project. You can watch the video tutorial here:. How to make woven paper Easter baskets. Prev Previous Post Fun and easy Easter crafts for children. Next Make your own golf ball ladybugs Next. July 25, No Comments. Make your own lavender oil. May 28, No Comments. Global Site Search. Our Deal For Today! Subscribe With Google. Subscribe With Facebook.

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