How to use php framework

how to use php framework

A Guide to Popular PHP Frameworks for Beginners

Mar 30,  · PHP is one of the widely used languages for web development and almost every reputed CMS system use PHP as a base programming language. Some really popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla are written in PHP and one of the widely accepted and giant eCommerce system called Magento has been built with the use of Zend framework. PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. PHP 7 is the latest stable release. Start learning PHP now».

As a PHP developer with many years of experience, I have worked with several different frameworks. Recently, I came up with the idea to write an article for beginners who want to start learning PHP. Below is the overview of the most popular frameworks, based on my personal experience.

Yii 2 is a high-performance PHP framework which enables you to quickly develop a program. This framework can design small, medium, how to cite sources in apa paper large projects such as blogs, corporate websites, online shops, portals, CMS systems, RESTful programs, etc.

To use Yii2 in your computer, you will need to have a 5. You can install this framework via composer. The Framework enables two types of program frame: hpw and advanced.

You must choose which version you need upon your installation. Documentation — This framework has a fairly simple instruction manual. Flexibility — This framework allows extending its functionality.

New modules and plug-ins can be installed via composer. You can also create your own extensions. Where can this framework be used? Laravel is a framework that allows for beautiful code writing. Laravel will help you facilitate a number of operations such as registration, routing, caching, and working with sessions. Laravel is a simple yet powerful and flexible tool for creating large projects, even for beginners. To use Laravel, hos will need to have PHP 5. You can install this framdwork via composer and Laravel Installer.

The installation is simple and fast. After the installation, you will receive the skeleton code to build up your project. Documentation — This framework has fairly simple and accessible guidelines. This framework is an optimal choice for creating small and medium-sized projects.

However, it can also be used to develop large-scale websites. What does kdp stand for like Yii, Symfony is a full-stack framework which can be used to create any project. This framework is quite large and rather complicated for beginners. Symfony is a framework with functionalities according to modern requirements.

It is used in particularly expansive projects. Drupal CMS is also based on the Symfony framework. To use Phhp 2 on your computer, you will need to have PHP 5. You can install this framework via composer and Symfony Hod. The installation of the framework is quite simple. While installing Symfony, you have the chance to choose your what is an 8k report type of program and the corresponding structure will be created based on your choice.

You also have the option to choose one of the following four frames:. Documentation — The instructions of this framework seemed more complicated to me, compared to the ones of Yii 2 and Laravel frameworks. Flexibility — This framework allows you to extend its functionality.

This framework can be used in any project: starting from simple web programs to RESTful programs, how often to use worm tea portals, CMS systems, and others. The company is currently engaged in the development of PHP programming language.

This framework has a lot of functionality and can also be used for academic code writing. Installation — This framework can be installed via Composer. A ready structure of the program can be taken from Zend skeleton application.

Documentation — This ise has rather simple and comprehensive instructions. Note: The second version of Zend framework operates quite slowly and requires more effort to complete a project. Since it is an academic framework, all rules to develop a program are maintained. This framework is not for beginners. This framework can be used mainly for large-scale projects. MVC template is available in this framework. After the installation, you get a ready structure and can build your web app based on it.

The installation is usually simple and fast. Documentation — This framework has rather simple and comprehensive instruction manual. This framework can be used for almost framedork project, starting from simple web-programs to REST programs and portals. CodeIgniter is also free of charge and an open source framework. However, this framework is not designed for large projects. This framework, while one of the fastest, is considered to be dying out since new versions and functionality are rarely released.

The MVC template is also accessible in this framework. It has clear and comprehensive instructions. Moreover, it takes less time to develop a program in this framework. For beginners, I recommend this framework as a starting PHP framework to facilitate the study process.

Installation — In order to install this framework you will need to how to solve for slope on a graph and de-archive the framework files.

The framework does not enable installation framewwork composer yet. Documentation — The how to use php framework of this framework how to use php framework not so simple. It takes twice longer compared to all the other frameworks to find the necessary sections. Flexibility — This framework does not allow for extending functionality with current technology.

Note: This is a simple framework that operates fast. However, I believe it is dying out. Testing was carried out with these six frameworks on the same computer and taking the same actions. Apache Benchmark was set as a testing tool.

The number of requests these compared frameworks could handle per second. Thus, these tools are not worth learning at this point. Yii2Laravel, Zend, and Symfony are currently in compliance with modern standards and requirements.

They are in demand and have enormous functionality. Framewodk beginners, it will be easier to start with Laravel and Yiirather than Symfony or Zend. As developer of Alpha Brand Media, I own all SEJ » Web Development. The frameworks have been compared according to the following criteria: Simplicity and installation of the framework Documentation Flexibility PSR compatibility Project applications Advertisement.

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Sep 28,  · Most frameworks will have a minimum PHP version and certain PHP extensions that they work with. Make sure that your framework supports your database (s) of choice, and that you can use the framework with the web server that you want to deploy to. Choose a Reviews: 4. Sidenote: try to avoid depreciated PHP 4 frameworks, or those that claim PHP 4 compatibility is so important that they will not use PHP 5 features. PHP 5 brings a lot of important object-programming features that, after you learn them, you will be using everywhere. I recommend a modern, quickly evolving and often patched PHP 5 framework. Oct 22,  · MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Angular are often used in web development. MVC stands for "Model View Controller" and is a common way to separate the main parts of an application. And we've released a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to build your own MVC framework from scratch using PHP.

Contrary to popular belief, PHP is not dead. NET , its nearest rival in server-side programming languages. PHP frameworks provide code libraries for commonly used functions, cutting down on the amount of original code you need to write.

There are many good reasons for using PHP frameworks as opposed to coding from scratch. Because PHP frameworks have built-in libraries and tools, the time required for development is less. For example, the CakePHP framework has the Bake command-line tool which can quickly create any skeleton code that you need in your application.

Many tasks that developers will need to do within web apps are common ones. Rather than having to write your own functions for these tasks, you can simply use the ones that are part of the framework. PHP frameworks usually follow coding best practices. For example, they divide code neatly into a number of directories according to function.

There are many PHP security threats including cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks , and cross-site request forgery. Unless you take the right steps to secure your code, your PHP web apps will be vulnerable.

Using a PHP framework is not a substitute for writing secure code, but it minimizes the chance of hacker exploits. Good frameworks have data sanitization built-in and defenses against the common threats mentioned above. Using a framework sets clear ground rules for your project. The resulting leaner codebase needs less maintenance. Most frameworks run with PHP version 7. Make sure you understand concepts like classes, objects, inheritance, methods, traits, and access modifiers.

Since many web apps connect to a database, you should know about databases and SQL syntax. Each PHP framework has its own list of supported databases. This means you can write your database queries in familiar PHP, although there may be times where you want to use SQL. Others use an open source ORM like Doctrine. Understanding how web servers like Apache and Nginx work is helpful. You may need to configure files on the server for your app to work optimally. You will probably do much of your development locally , so you need to know about localhost , too.

Another option is to create and test your app in a virtual environment using Vagrant and VirtualBox. This concept separates the manipulation of data from its presentation.

The Model stores the business logic and application data. It passes data to the View , the presentation layer. The User interacts with the View and can input instructions via the Controller. The Controller gives these commands to the Model, and the cycle continues.

In a nutshell, the Model is about data, the View is about appearance and the Controller is about behavior. An analogy of the MVC pattern is ordering a cocktail at a bar. The User is the patron who arrives at the bar the View in need of refreshment. The User gives their drink order to the bartender the Controller. The Controller makes up the order from the Model — the recipe, ingredients, and equipment.

Depending on the cocktail, they might use any of the following items, or others:. The finished cocktail is placed on the bar for the User to enjoy.

Should the User want another drink, they must speak to the Controller first. They are not permitted to access the Model and mix their own drink. Using the make command in Artisan you can quickly build models, controllers, and other components for your project. Familiarity with the command line is also key to using the Composer PHP package manager. The Yii Framework is one of several which uses Composer to install and manage dependencies , packages which are required for an application to run.

Packagist is the main repository of packages that you can install with Composer. Some of the most popular Composer packages run with the Symfony framework. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best PHP framework for your project.

Luckily, PHP is one of the best programming languages to learn. A PHP framework should meet your technical requirements for a project. Make sure that your framework supports your database s of choice, and that you can use the framework with the web server that you want to deploy to.

Choose a framework with the right balance of features. A feature-rich framework can be a boon for some projects. If you need to build an application that is scalable , select a framework that supports this. Finally, good documentation and support are important so that you can make the most of your PHP framework. A framework with a large and vibrant community is also more likely to stand the test of time and is also able to assist you when you run into difficulties. Wikipedia lists 40 PHP frameworks , but some of those are better described as content management systems , and undoubtedly there are many more.

Most of the big names now launched in or later. Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP , a web server, and any other server software on your local machine.

No more worrying about messing up your operating system! Laravel uses a templating engine called Blade. One advantage it has over other templating engines is that you can use PHP within Blade, which you cannot do with the others. Packalyst , a collection of Laravel packages, has more than 15, packages you can use in your projects. Laravel provides a range of security features and methods, covering the following:.

The Artisan Console command-line tool that Laravel has speeds up development by allowing developers to automate repetitive tasks and generate skeleton code fast. Laravel benefits from a large community of developers like WordPress. You can find them at:. Symfony is an excellent choice for websites and apps that need to be scalable.

Its modular component system is very flexible and lets you choose the components you need for your project. The best way to interact with your databases is via the Doctrine ORM. Symfony uses data mappers to map objects to the database. Symfony uses the Twig templating engine, which is easy to learn, fast, and secure. Packagist lists over 4, Symfony packages available for you to download and use.

Symfony has commercial backing from Sensio Labs. This means there is professional support available, unlike most other PHP frameworks. It also has long-term support releases that have 3 full years of support. In addition, the Symfony Community is huge with over , developers actively involved. Other big names use Symfony components within their projects, including Drupal , Joomla , and Magento.

CodeIgniter framework helps you build web apps quickly, as it has minimal configuration. CodeIgniter is known for its speed. You can add exactly the components you need. As noted earlier, CodeIgniter has an easy learning curve compared to other frameworks and is quite extensible.

Migration to Laminas is strongly recommended, as Zend is no longer updated. The Zend Framework has had more than million installations. The Laminas community has a forum and Slack group for collaboration and support. You can get up and running with Yii within minutes. The documentation is well-written and easy to follow.

Yii Framework has several security measures such as bcrypt password hashing, encryption, authentication, and authorization. Yii supports four types of caching to speed up web apps: data caching, fragment caching, page caching , and HTTP caching. There is also a discussion forum and social media channels.

The community rewards its active members with badges and entries in a Hall of Fame. Configuration is minimal. Once you set up your database you can begin coding. Need a blazing-fast, secure, and developer-friendly hosting for your client sites? Kinsta is built with WordPress developers in mind and provides plenty of tools and a powerful dashboard.

Check out our plans. Security features include methods for encryption, password hashing, safeguarding form data, and CSRF protection. Github hosts a helpful list of CakePHP resources and plugins. As a result, it is very fast. Slim is particularly suited to building small apps and APIs. If you need more from the framework, Slim integrates with both first-party and third-party components.

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