How to take x ray photographs

how to take x ray photographs

Can you take photos of x-rays?

Jan 19, Learn how to take good photos of patients' teeth before submitting a case to ClearCorrect. Apr 24, In photo (#3) you can see flowers on the x-ray machine. This is the simple setup I worked with, and all I did was arrange the flowers or peal back some petals so they appeared more spread out. When working with the low voltage necessary for imaging flowers, the actual exposures are very briefsomewhere in the range of 1/8th second. #3.

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On my free time, I used to create different kinds of art illustrations, photography. I also combine different techniques. But after taking a lot of beautiful flower macros, I decided I wanted to take a deeper look into our beautiful nature.

I thought that using x-rays would be a good idea. So I wanted to try it on my own. First problem was finding the equipment that I could use for my x-ray images. After searching and asking a lot of institutions, I found a local medical facility which agreed to help me out by operating the technical stuff because only medical facilities and trained staff are allowed to use this kind of x-ray equipment.

After how to clean camelbak jet valve times of trial and error, I got some handy results. The unique art was created by using digital mammography. With this technology, it was possible to photogarphs through all parts of pretty flowers and plants. More info: Instagram lanuma. This post may include affiliate links. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app.

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X-Ray Photography: An Unusual Type Of Close-Up Work

Jan 01, lower f-stops let in more light, and since the x-ray is flat, you dont need much depth of field; ISO: ; Zoom in as tightly as you can to minimize light around the edge of the x-rays. As you begin taking your first photos, if you need to make some changes, here are some tips. You can stick the X ray or the MRI photo-film to an illuminated white board or a glass panel (in the medical settings we have an illuminated reading panel where the X ray film is put up for reading) and take a picture with your camera. You can later mail this picture wherever it is required. The process of making these x-ray images of flowers and shells is more like making a photogramwhat Man Ray called a rayograph than it is like using a conventional camera. The flowers are arranged on top of the capture medium, in this case a digital sensor and then exposed.

Initially, my intention was to shoot flowers, and I had read online that the type of x-ray machine required to image the soft tissues of plant material is rated between 10 and 40 kilovolts KV. This is not terminology that relates to normal photography, but at least that gave me a starting point.

The x-ray machine my dentist uses has a minimum voltage setting of 60 KV, so I looked elsewhere. We tried it and the result was a solid black image with no detail. I then contacted a friend of mine who is a dermatologist, and it turns out that his wife is a radiologist.

They were kind enough to allow me access to their equipment on a Saturday, and when we made the first few images the doctors got really excited about the artistic possibilities of what I was doing. It was a great experience for everyone. Besides, this equipment is too expensive to mess around with and possibly damage. If you think camera equipment is expensive, you should go shopping for x-ray machines! During my x-ray session all day Saturday, I made about one hundred exposures.

The operatorone of the doctorsstayed behind leaded glass for protection, and I left the room for each exposure. The machine makes a tone a few seconds before the picture is taken so you know when to protect yourself. This is important because over time repetitive exposures can cause damage to the thyroid, skin, an unborn fetus, reproductive tissues, etc..

Simply leaving the room and placing a wall between you and the x-ray machine will protect you. The Technique All of the flower images you see in this chapter were taken with an exposure of between 24 and 29 KV. Another factor that must be determined is the milliamps MAS. Through trial and error, I decided that four milliamps was the best choice on this machine for the flowers, and except for the dense center of the flowers, the x-rays were able to penetrate the petals and show their beauty.

The black and white images were usually not as contrasty as I wanted, so later in post-processing I tweaked the contrast to make the images more dramatic, as you can see in 1 and 2. In photo 3 you can see flowers on the x-ray machine. This is the simple setup I worked with, and all I did was arrange the flowers or peal back some petals so they appeared more spread out. Subjects To X-Ray When I made arrangements to spend an entire day at the x-ray machine, I thought about what kinds of flowers as well as other objects that would look good as x-ray images.

The rose and the orchids 4 and 5 respectively, turned out quite well. I also tried various fruits, like kiwi, papaya and pineapple. I had purchased quite a few seashells, and I really liked how they were imaged. The thicker shells need to be imaged on another machine capable of a higher KV. The nautilus seashell 6 is a classic example of design and form, and it looks good as a straight photograph and as an x-ray. I x-rayed two shells together 7 and both of them are quite intriguing. Various animals look amazing when they are x-rayed, and two images from this session were especially exciting to me.

My favorite is the piranha 8. I bought this from a vendor on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and I thought it might be interesting. It really knocked my socks off.

The other image that I like a lot is an x-ray of two seahorses 9 that I bought online when I purchased the seashells. The exquisite forms of these ephemeral creatures turned out to be striking in high contrast black and white. When I x-rayed a starfish 10 it was too large to fit on the platform that supported the object I was shooting.

Therefore, I took two exposures of it and pieced it together in Photoshop www. Post-Processing The type of images that come out of an x-ray machine are dicom files.

They can be converted into tif and psd files only with Photoshop CS5 Extended. That is an end in itself. However, you can do some very artistic things with them using some of your Photoshop skills. I like combining black and white with color and texture, and this can be done using the Blend modes found in the Layers Palette. Using the same textures I bought from Flypaper Textures Productions www. The result is This produced a very different type of image, The same flower x-rayed from the front was combined with yet another texture, and again this resulted in a completely different painterly photograph, I x-rayed three roses together and, using the Hard Light Blend mode, How did I know this particular Blend mode and combination of images would produce something artistic?

I had to experiment and use trial and error just like you have to do in order to come up with a winning combination. There is nothing to prevent you from using more than one texture.

The nautilus seashell x-ray turned into a work of art, 15 by applying three different textures and choosing the Blend mode that appealed to me.

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