How to play slayer tera

how to play slayer tera

TERA Slayer Class Guides

Feb 17,  · TERA Online Slayer Guide by Xeismik. INDEX 1. Description 2. Gear/Crystals 3. Skills/Glyphs 4. PVE 5. PVP V. Videos!!!! 1. Description. The slayers of TERA are a two-handed sword wielding class. They are capable of high close range damage and are able to . Nov 13,  · a basic and simple guide on how to dps as slayer in TERA online. a quick and simple guide created by sonicx from Wingsman guild SEA TERA in order to help th.

The slayer is a light armored class which wields a greatsword with melee offensive damage-dealing capabilities. This guide is oriented towards new players seeking to get a hold of and understand the fundamentals of Slayer. Here you will be introduced to example pieces of gear and see the hw, etchings, accessories, and crystals that are necessary to succeed as a Slayer in end game five man instances. This guide aims to educate players on the how to help 4th grader with reading comprehension of the Slayer class and to provide proper footing for learning to play more effectively.

Increases damage by 9. Decreases skill cooldowns by 7. Increases damage by 6. This set plsy rolls focuses on high damage and rotation management. Double Enrage will yield the best damage as long as the fight is short and Enrage up times are high.

Increases Crit Factor by Increases Attack Speed by 4. Increases Crit Power by 0. Increases damage by 8. Replenishes 0. Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6. Recovers 1. Recovers 0. Decreases damage sslayer 8. Reflects 7. Increases Crit Factor by 9. Increases Power by 5. Increases Attack Speed by 2. Increases Endurance by 4. Decreases duration of slowing effects by Increases Balance Factor by With Accessories having the Rezied Keytrap sets will lend you 8 more Crit Factor if you do not use the necklace.

If you do not have or cannot get these accessories, then go with a full Daylight set. Resized Keytrap Necklace. Stats are ttera by priority. Highest priority stats are highlighted. Quatrefoil Brooch. This is the best brooch, but it is expensive.

There are currently 26 slayer skills which can only be learned by the Slayer. While 24 of them can be learned from the skill menu, Combo Attack Slayer what does the acronym smart goals mean Evasive Roll Slayer are gained automatically upon character plwy. Strike one or more targets in front of you and gain MP with each hit.

Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more. Combo Teera provides MP return and an attack speed buff to Whirlwind on the 4th hit how to install app from apk a 10 second time frame for each stack.

Try to weave this skill into your rotation when you feel tight uow mana. Knockdown Strike while in animation makes you immune to knockdowns and staggers. It moves you forward six to seven meters and has a chance to knockdown. Whirlwind is a two part attack; the first swing of the sword does less damage than the second, and Overpower will only affect the first swing that lands damage.

This a good skill to use after Headlong Rush. Evasive Roll can cancel this skill at any point in the animation. While in animation your character is immune to knockdowns and staggers. Evasive roll is your prime I-frame and repositioning skill. You can cast this skill twice, after your first Evasive Roll you will gain a buff for 4 seconds that will allow you to roll again before the skill goes on cooldown. If this buff is not used then the skill will not go on cooldown.

Use Evasive Roll to reposition or keep yourself alive — which you use it for will usually depend on your familiarity with a dungeon. The target is immobilized. Ends if target is knocked down.

Backstab puts your character directly behind plah boss and adjusts the camera for you. Use this skil to reposition if you find yourself in front of the ot or slayerr too far away to walk or Evasive Roll into position. Swing downward for a massive blow. Jump at your foe and smash downwards. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap. Leaping Strike moves your character 10 meters, so the skill works as an escape.

Leaping Strike also serves are a good gap closer if distance is made between you and the boss because it chains into Overhand and will let you reposition. Uow PVE, bosses are fairly easy to hit, but you might need to practice hitting smaller mobs due to the awkward hit box. While in animation Heart Thrust makes you immune to knockdowns and staggers.

The skill hits in a degree arc. There is a long animation lock at ot end of this skill if you do not quickly use Overhand or Evasive Roll. This skill is your shorter stun. Strike a target within 15m with a magic extension of your sword.

Repeat the attack up to 3 times. Every cast of this skill will move you slightly forward. Startling Kick creates a gap between you and the enemy, so slwyer can use it to avoid some close range attacks. This skill is your longer stun. Instead, the lower your HP is, the more damage it slaysr. The skill moves you forward, and the MP cost is very high.

Get in the habit too using this skill when your health is low. Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish MP. Briefly increases teraa to stun slater. The buff also gives how to open up a coby kyros tablet 5 seconds of stun immunity.

As a Slayer you will need to know the proper times to use this skill. In Cold Blood has a lengthy cooldown of 2 minutes, so you will want to save it for shield phases and times when you know you can put in 20 seconds of unadulterated DPS.

The skill gives Overhand Strike a 0 second slaer, so try to use it as much as possible. Effective only on other players. Skill activates faster following Overhand Strike.

Only use this skill after Eviscerate or Overhand for faster casting. Mostra Commenti Nascondi Commenti. Sito web. No, grazie Si, attiva. Tema Seamless Altervista Keithsviluppato da Altervista. Resized Keytrap Hiw Stats are listed by priority.

The slayer specializes in various how to play slayer tera skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from close range and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most Slayer skills can only be lpay while a greatsword is equipped.

You get knocked down, this skill gets you back up. Every class zlayer it. Retaliate gives you a two second immunity to knock downs, stuns, and staggers. It has a chance to knock down enemies. Commento Nome Sito web. Vuoi abilitare le notifiche?

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Apr 21,  · TERA Online Slayer PvE Guide by Chsalia. Introduction. Hi everyone, welcome to my slayer guide where I’ll be discussing slayer rotations. There’s a fair amount of theory and discussion, but in terms of actual gameplay it will be quite simple. I will also be providing summaries and TLDR’s throughout the guide to make it more digestible. Tera Online Guide PvE Slayer Build (Gears, Skills, Crystals ) Tera Online Guide PvE Slayer Build (Gears, Skills, Crystals ) The slayer is a light armored class which wields a greatsword with melee offensive damage-dealing capabilities.. Being a deadly foe worth some forethought before engaging, the slayer’s way of fighting involves great powers which would end in destruction if not. I want to play slayer. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. I want to play slayer. Hi, i'm new in the game, is it okay to start playing as a slayer? Also, how is the game? Haven't played after ownership transferred want start fresh to get back into tera. Are tanks or healers in demand for end game? If I had guess dps still popular as hell.

I thought it could be a good idea if I post the link to a really nice Slayer guide in the "Guides" section. This is Op guide for noob like me and not xD. Thanks for shiro for share the link! The Guide is good for new player , but overall its meh.

There are some fail in glyphs and skillrotation. If you would be so kind to explain the wrong statements from Kaai I would test the suggestions and refine the guide in a separate document. Never skill overpower its not worth it with high crit rate atm. Also only use overpower when u have to move or before the fight starts.

That's a big help imo ,but y the guide is for decent slayer not if u want to play on top , and that's where u have to learn ur class yourself.

Thank you for your contribution. I'll test your suggestions and compare them with kaai's assumptions. Actually Op is worth it the Glyphs because i used to not use it often and ya like times a fight. So ya i use it on nearly every ht unless it resets so ya PPS:Manaproblems are a pain Patch will make it only a little better but in KTera it seems Slayer still complain because it wont be enough to make us good enough to not run out of mana every now and then.

Use Headlong Rush before Whirlwind. You should also consider writing whole section about positioning. Most important thing in pve Otherwise you just copy pasted existing guides. You're right. This is actually most useful thing that guide can offer. Anyway, I saw there are brawler and lancer guide posted too.

Good job at gathering and refreshing updating tera knowledge. Lets hope you add guide for every class. Funny how people were overjoyed when they saw the mana management buffs in the relevant thread in these forums. I was one of the few that claimed that these buffs are minimal at best and won't make much difference in the long run when taking into account the cd reduction buff of many skills. It's a double-edged sword. Well with Talentsystem we will atleast get a "upon critical hit, recover x lvl 1 : mp.

Well its true, a guide should never show How you should play the class. I learned my slayer with my own experience, and some tricks and tipps from other slayer. Now I play my slayer perfect, the only thing, its a little bit weak. Slayer will be ok with the buffs, with the talent system Slayer will be broken. You have to look on the cooldowns because of the talents.

It will be hard to master that stuff for newbies. But a lot will reroll on Slayer, just because he is op, and that suck. I'm not looking forward to the talent system 'cause of how underwhelming it looks in comprarison to other classes' mystics get shafted as well, what a surprise Nearly every class get stun duration increases while slayer doesn't. Surely this is from a pvp perspective, but this game is not pve only whether pvp is alive or not is a different issue I hope none bring this crap up I got my glistening hardy with first smart dyad niveot fuse try.

You should consider getting a box or two of those from broker, they're really cheap in comparison to what you might spend via RNG fusion :shit:. Well it should give you advice on what are your main Skills and how you should use em and in what combination they're good with.

However it should give advice with which you will not just plain do the total wrong stuff as newbie and after you learned the class a little you can change the gameplay to your likings as far as the class allows it. Many suck so hard at the moment, it hurts me to see em and im ashamed that theyre playing the same class as me. Many dont even suck because they're too new to the class but simply because they roll their Gear and stuff so wrong Doing my best giving em some tips if i see an terrible Slayer but ya, some prefer being dead weight.

We will see in March and after that when talentsystem hits. Ya im PvE only so for me Talent-system is pretty much op but pvp may be different because i didnt look into the pvp aspects at all. Regarding Dyads, ya i might do this because as always relying on RNG never helped me, thanks for the tip.

I personally switched my rotations few weeks ago, and I dont feel to deal less damage than with the "classic" gameplay But yeah, Slayer is just an alt for me right now, with not really perfect gear. But I think my gameplay has some potential, at least for now not quite sure how the next balance-patch will affect it. Hey guys and gals , I thought it could be a good idea if I post the link to a really nice Slayer guide in the "Guides" section.

Quote from CLi. Quote from Zailan. Slayer Rules. You cant have enough crit 2. Mana Pots are your best friend. I dont play slayer anymore But from my past experience This can backfire quite often.

Also in mchm Headlong rush was safest skill to use when trying to escape "bomb". Quote from Yomalein. But a lot will reroll on Slayer, just because he is op, and that suck sry for potato english. Quote from Torasu. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

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