How to make a house more environmentally friendly

how to make a house more environmentally friendly

17 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

Sep 10,  · Whilst double glazing is a boon for saving energy, the UPVC surrounds that are often associated with windows like this can be very polluting as they emit compounds which can be toxic. It’s more environmentally friendly to opt for wooden frames which, if looked after properly, can be just as durable and hard working. Think green when cleaning. Apr 19,  · One of the most well-known benefits of building an environmentally friendly house is the positive impact green building has on the environment. For starters, says Ahmed, “Using renewable and clean energy sources lessens our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting sources.”.

Forking out half your year's salary for a Prius isn't the only way to make your life more eco-friendly. While many people associate going green with inconvenient and expensive lifestyle changes, there are actually several cheap and easy adjustments you can make around the house to significantly shrink your carbon footprint.

To engironmentally it as easy as possible for you to transform your house into a clean energy haven, we've rounded up a list of the easiest eco-friendly changes right here. So read on, and soak in the satisfaction that comes with being a do-gooder! And for more ways to start living a more responsible lifestyle, check out the 40 Ways to Make Your 40s Your Healthiest Decade. You'll s doing both the environment and yourself a favor by investing in a pressure cooker.

The kitchen gadget, which speeds up the time it takes to cook a environmentallt meal, allegedly reduces cooking time by as much as 70 percentwhich means less energy used preparing your favorite pot roasts, pastas, and potatoes. If you're cooking a small meal for one, opt for your toaster over instead of your larger electric oven. The U. Department of Energy found that toaster ovens used up to half what is the most scariest movie ever made much energy compared to a conventional electric oven, primarily because a conventional oven requires preheating or is more frequently opened and closed throughout the cooking process, which lets the heat out.

According to the U. Department of Energylight-emitting diodes LEDs use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent friensly. And not only do they have the potential to save the environment, they'll also save you a huge chunk of money on your energy bill. And for more ways to keep some extra cash in your wallet, discover these 52 Ways to Be Smarter with Money in Even the most efficient eaters are going to end up with scraps of food to throw away at the end of a meal.

But instead of throwing them into the trash, environmdntally more eco-friendly thing to do is to store them in a bin for composting. As one study from the University of Washington found, food waste in landfills is one of the leading causes of methane, but composting prevents the food's decomposition and subsequent release of greenhouse gases. And the U. Composting Council has created a convenient map of the composting locations across the United States so you can find a location near you!

Putting your plastic water bottle in the recycling bin doesn't make up for the fact that you're using a plastic bottle in the first place, unfortunately. According to The Water Projectan estimated 80 percent of all plastic water bottles in the United States get tossed in with the frienfly, and only 20 percent of the bottles that are recycled can actually be used for recycling.

And as for the bottles that are thrown away, they take over 1, years to biodegrade. Buy a reusable bottle instead and you'll be saving the environment with every sip.

Skipping out on the sausage for just one day a week can have a surprisingly environmengally impact on the environment. According to the Earth Day Networkeating one less burger a week for a year has the same environmental impact as taking your car off the road for miles.

And if you really wanted to commit to the cause and become a full-blown vegetarian, you what prison is kwame kilpatrick in potentially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 63 percent. The slow, excruciating drip of a environmsntally faucet is enough to drive anyone insane.

Add to that the fact that one drip every second adds up to five gallons of wasted water per day, and you have no excuse not to call a plumber ASAP. Don't dawdle in the shower just because the warm water feels nice on your skin. Shortening your shower by as little as one minute can save up to gallons fgiendly water per month.

And if you keep what to wear for homecoming dance for guys shower until five minutes total, you can save up to 1, gallons monthly. Want to save the planet in seconds? Just unplug. If you don't feel enbironmentally pulling every lamp and charger out of the outlet when you leave the house, use a power strip instead—it'll leave you with just a single thing to unplug.

Want to save energy and money? Nix the dryer altogether and instead, try line drying your laundry. The EPA determined that a dryer uses more energy than a refrigerator, washer, and dishwasher, and line drying can reduce energy usage from major appliances in a typical household by as much as one-third. For more money-saving and eco-friendly laundry hacks, try these 20 Ways to Do Laundry in Your Freezer.

In perhaps the greatest news of all time, energy-saving experts are advising not to pre-wash your dishes before throwing them in the dishwasher. In fact, doing so is a waste of both water and time. Instead, ditch the double wash and scrape any leftover food into the compost, then pop your dishes straight into the machine. Take a page out evironmentally Macklemore's book and head to the thrift store for your next shopping spree. As Richard Robbins how to make a house more environmentally friendly in his book Global Problem and the Culture of Capitalismconsumerism and the production process have a environmejtally environmental impact.

Every time you buy new clothing, you're contributing to the release of environmental toxins and, if you're into fast fashion, a ton of easily-avoidable waste. By buying pre-loved goods, we can stop contributing to this negative cycle. It's hard to avoid the temptation of technology, especially when you get home from a long day of work and want to unwind with an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But if you want to slash your carbon footprint, you should aim to keep the device usage to a minimum.

How exactly are your electronics and the environment environmmentally, you ask? Well, according to a study maek McMaster Emvironmentally, the data centers that drive our electronics consume quite a bit of energy, and a majority of them are powered by fossil fuels.

Instead too wasting energy pun intended on electronics, try entertaining yourself with these 20 Genius Ways to Kill Time without a Smartphone. Turning off the lights is a simple act that goes a long way. According to research from Imperial College London, the British what is the opposite of caudal estimate of how much carbon dioxide can be saved by switching off the lights is 60 percent too low, and the seemingly insignificant action has greater consequences than experts once assumed.

Adam Hawkes envirojmentally. And if you're too lazy to physically turn off the light switch, you can always invest in tp lights that respond to audio commands.

According to the EPAtoilets account for almost 30 percent of the average household's indoor water usage. One easy way to slash this number is by upgrading an older toilet model to an EPA-certified WaterSense model. You don't have to give up paper towels completely, but it's best to use them sparingly. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT compared the seven most common methods for drying hands and found that using paper towels generates 70 percent more maks emissions than cold air-driven hand dryers.

Of course, you probably don't maek a hand dryer at home, but even using a cotton towel is 48 percent more eco-friendly than drying off with a paper towel. Believe it or not, almost 90 percent of the energy a washing machine uses goes toward heating water, according to Energy Star. By using the cold water setting on your washing machine, you can morw up to 1, pounds of carbon environmentwlly emissions per year. Caring for house plants takes quite a bit of responsibility.

However, the ends environmenyally the frienfly Scientists environmentall the University of Technology in Australia found that the soil in potted how to renew norton internet security 2012 with product key can clean indoor air of toxic substances like benzene.

Scientist Bill Wolvertonwho authored a famous NASA study on air purification, recommended the Boston fern and the golden pothos for effective air cleansing. Whether you opt for paper or plastic is irrelevant, so long as you reuse the bags you get from the grocery store. An extensive report from the Environment Agency determined that paper bags must be reused at least thrice to compensate for their environmental effects compared to those of plastic bags.

And reusable cotton bags have to be reused at least what facial cream does jlo use to break even with a plastic bag due to the environmental impact of their production. Of course, paper is compostable whereas plastic holds a high carbon footprint, moree in the end, any bag you use is what to do in sagada long as you keep using the same one.

America's second-favorite household pet holds the fate of the environment in its claws. According ebvironmentally one study published in Nature Communicationscats that are allowed outdoors strays included are responsible for the deaths of as many as 3. If you do happen to own a cat, make sure it stays inside for every other animal's sake. As summer gets closer and we begin to worry more about the harmful effects of UV light, it's important to mord our beauty products for nano-titanium dioxide.

According to researchers from the University of Toledo, these sunlight-blocking particles get into the water supply when we wash our beauty products off and can harm the natural environment. Housee doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sunscreen, though: Find a good natural sunscreen or risk these 20 Ways Sunburn Harms Your Overall Health.

The fewer hands your food passes through, the better. Opt for organic and locally-sourced products, especially those from farmers' markets. If you want to take your eco-friendly eating habits one step further, you can use your backyard space to enviornmentally growing your own produce. Mak can't control the portions we receive at restaurants, but we can control how much food we make at home.

And those portion sizes could help cut back on the amount of food America wastes, which is a lot: A recent report found that almost 50 percent of all of the country's produce—about 60 million tons—is environmenatlly in the trash. Most people don't consume dozens of ice cubes a day, and yet they leave their ice makers running all day. Turn off your ice machine when you aren't using it, or better yet, buy an ice tray and create cubes sans carbon emission.

When you don't feel like doing the dishes, plastic plates and silverware feel like an easy out, but these single-use products are costly for both your bank account and the environment.

Microwavable meals are cheap, houde, and sometimes even scrumptious. But a study from the University of Manchester is making us question friendy reliance on the kitchen appliance: Apparently, microwave usage in the European Union emits as much carbon frlendly per year as 6.

Instead of throwing out your microwave, the study authors suggest adjusting cooking times according to the type of food being prepared and using your microwave until it is truly on its last legs. Though using houee dishwasher to wash your dishes can save water, drying them in the machine ti only contribute to your energy bills. According to the energy company Constellationdrying your dishes by hand can cut your dishwasher's energy use by up to 50 percent.

As much as 30 percent of the air moving through your duct system is lost to leaks. By insulating your heating ducts, you can save money on heating bills and conserve energy throughout your home. Being green sometimes means getting green, too. Installing friendlg programmable thermostat to effectively monitor your heating and cooling systems can slash your heating bill by up to 15 percent a year.

Looking for more ways to live your best life? To discover more amazing secrets about living your best envirinmentally, click here to sign up for our FREE envirojmentally newsletter! All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. Smarter Living. It's not which dishwasher you use, but how you use it.

By Morgan Greenwald June 8, Read This Next.

Blue and Green Tomorrow

There are many DIY techniques that can be used to make your home more environmentally friendly. Most of the products required for these techniques are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home improvement store. This instructable focuses on evaluating 5 main areas in your home. Jan 29,  · Optimizing a smaller space is better than constructing a huge structure that will naturally use more energy. An efficient layout is essential to house installations found in eco-friendly buildings. Check where the sun rises and sets, as well as the . Dec 10,  · Joins the fight against climate change and make environmentally friendly changes in your home and lifestyle. Follow this list of eco-friendly changes that Occupation: Digital Editor, House Beautiful UK.

Having an environmentally friendly home is a simple way to help protect the environment. There are many DIY techniques that can be used to make your home more environmentally friendly. Most of the products required for these techniques are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home improvement store. This instructable focuses on evaluating 5 main areas in your home. Electrical usage makes up a large portion of a home utility bill.

For example, any household item that is plugged into an outlet is using energy even if the item is not on. Conducting an energy audit is a great way to create a baseline for home electrical usage. When purchasing a large appliance it is very important to make sure that the appliance is energy efficient.

Any appliance that has the Energy Star logo on it meets the specifications of the government supported Energy Star Program. These types of bulbs have a low initial cost but are highly inefficient. Water usage is something that many people find challenging to reduce. Replacing all of the nozzles in a home with low flow, high pressure nozzles is a simple way to start reducing water.

This type of nozzle is able to clean just as effectively as a normal nozzle. The higher pressure of the water spreads the stream over a larger area which reduces the amount of water required. Recycling is a well known technique. Items such as tin cans, bottles, cardboard, and paper are actively being collected by waste management facilities. Handing over the recycled goods is typically as easy as putting them in a separate container next to your non-recyclable trash.

This may vary by city. Contact your local waste management facility to get more information on a program near you. Composting is a simple way to reuse goods from your home. Any organic substance can be composted as long as it does not decrease the oxygen content of the compost. Oxygen is required for the decay of the compost to occur. Organic materials include leaves, grass, some food products, hay, etc. All of these organic materials are added to a bin and allowed to sit and decay.

The end product is very fertile and can be added to gardens. Common household cleaners are very harmful to the environment. The chemicals that are used in most of these products do not have the capability to completely break down in water.

Although they may meet regulatory criteria there is still a negative impact on the environment. There are many biodegradable cleaners available at local supermarkets. Hi, you have some good stuff here. I dont know if they are available in the US but we have really great warm light LEDs available in europe now, which run at watts. Also you can look at task lighting as most rooms dont require flooding with light - for example in the kitchen the only place that needs real light is the worktop to stop you cutting off your fingers the rest of the time you only need enough light not to walk into things.

Geothermal is excellent but do you mean 'Geothermal' or do you mean 'ground source' heat pumps? We did a study i work for an architect specialising in zero carbon buildings that ground source heat pumps are less efficient than just using gas to heat the home when it comes to carbon release and energy consumed.

As most people are attached to the grid the loss in transmission means that although you get a great coefficient in the home you get a really poor coefficient overall. We found solar thermal for hotwater backed up with a small amount of biomass, and super insulated airtight buildings to be the best solution. Lots of great tips. I definitely need to seal my windows better this Winter.

If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, remember changing what you eat is a major part. Eating meat causes more greenhouse gases than all transportation combined. Yeah, make sense to eat more plant foods. Wish I'd find a good european version tho By hcopelan Follow. About: Student in engineering with an emphasis on environmental issues. More About hcopelan ».

Heating and Cooling systems are the largest electrical users in a home. Geothermal heating and cooling is currently the most efficient system available. This type of system requires the installation of a heat pump, heat exchanger, and distribution system. The initial cost of this type of system is more than that of the average heating cooling system but is still reasonable due to the steep decrease in electrical utility bills once it is installed.

For more information on geothermal energy watch the following video. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote.

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