How to get a job at cia

how to get a job at cia

How to Become a CIA Agent

Search over careers essential to our mission. Try analyst, targeting officer, engineer, or developer. Your foreign language skills can help keep our Nation safe. Discover how you can use your language abilities in a career that’s as exciting as it is fulfilling. We are an Agency defined by our. Get a Degree in Criminal Justice Truthfully, whichever career option you pursue when looking for CIA jobs will usually require you to hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Choosing a program that meets your needs is just as important as the rest of the decision-making process.

October 14, Staff Writers. Are you ready to find a school that's aligned with your interests? Search schools to find the program that's right for you. The main job of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA and its agents is to collect intelligence information in an effort to maintain the security of the How to connect usb to sony dvd player States and its citizens. The CIA conducts research and develops and implements high-level technology in an effort to collect accurate intelligence, which in turn informs the decisions of policymakers and military leaders.

There are five career paths within the CIA, including science, technical, and engineering; national clandestine service; language opportunities; analytical opportunities; and support services. Explore program formats, transfer requirements, financial aid packages, and more by contacting the schools below. Agents, also referred to as CIA officers, collect information through human and other sources, evaluate intelligence in regard to national security, and coordinate with other agencies or departments to collect national intelligence outside the US.

The most common degree options that prospective CIA officers pursue how to get a job at cia in criminal justice and homeland security. Applicants must also be US citizens and no older than If an applicant is married, his or her spouse must also be a US citizen. In fact, applicants who speak a Middle Eastern language fluently may have strong career advantages. CIA applicants should be ready to undergo what time does jcpenney open on black friday 2010 complete background investigation.

Applicants must also undergo polygraph exams and a rigorous mental and physical exam. Successful candidates must not have used illegal drugs in the past year to be considered. Marijuana use, even if it is in a state in which the drug is legal or if it is used for medical reasons, is prohibited both 12 months prior to and during how to get rid of redness in eyes fast. Upon meeting these standards and accepting a conditional offer of employment, CIA officers are issued a security clearance.

Officers are expected to maintain high standards of personal and professional behavior. To become a CIA officer, you should expect steps similar to the following:. Officers should expect intense job training that includes learning the policies and procedures for working within the CIA.

The CIA is particularly interested in prospective agents who can fluently speak another language. Candidates with previous military experience may have an edge over other candidates. Successful candidates must be discreet and must hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. The Central Intelligence Agency employs qualified individuals in several departments, including clandestine positions and technology, science, engineering, and foreign language instruction.

Certain job postings may include opportunities for foreign travel as well as travel within the US. The salary for CIA officers depends on experience and education level. The CIA provides salary ranges for some positions on their website. Further, although the careers of CIA officers are romanticized on television and in movies, applicants should remember that this job is dangerous and agents have lost their lives in the line of duty.

How old do I have to be to be considered for a position with the CIA? Answer : Applicants must be at least 18 and no older than 35 in order to be considered for employment with the CIA. How long is the application process? Answer : Candidates should expect the application process, which is intensive, to last between two months and a year, sometimes longer.

What kind of benefits does the CIA offer? Answer : CIA officers enjoy such benefits as paid time off, federal health insurance, federal life insurance, and access to child care centers. What type of hours does a CIA officer generally work? Answer : CIA agents typically work full time and are often required to work overtime, including evenings and weekends. References: 1. Our ranking explores the top U. Interested in pursuing a juris doctor?

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Jun 02,  · Apply for a job online at the CIA's website if you want to work for the Directorate of Operations. There you will also find complete details about the application process. First, create an account, but only if you plan to complete your application over the next three days. After that period, your account will be disabled whether or not it is done.

Would you like to be a spy? Don't answer that. The agency usually thought to be synonymous with spying on behalf of the United States government, the CIA Central Intelligence Agency , has two precise rules for applicants. In other words, if you want to find out how to work for the CIA, don't ask anyone. Doing that would give away your aspirations, and therefore break both those rules.

You can, however, read this article, which spells it all out for you. The DO is the component of the CIA that is responsible for covertly collecting human intelligence aka spying.

These are the entry-level positions that are available for job candidates after they have completed an extensive training program. The job for which a candidate applies and his or her level of experience determines the program he or she enters. Those who want to become core collectors enter either through the Professional Trainee Program or the Clandestine Service Trainee Program, depending on their prior experience. Individuals who have several years of work or military experience will go directly into the Clandestine Service Trainee Program.

Those with only a college degree have to enter the Professional Trainee Program before eventually moving into the Clandestine Service Trainee Program. Applicants who want to work at CIA headquarters, such as those who are seeking positions as staff operations officers and specialized skills officers, take part in the Headquarters Based Trainee Program.

When the training period ends, the DO will place the candidate on a career track agency officials deem appropriate for his or her demonstrated skills and the agency's needs. All entry-level job applicants need a bachelor's degree with a grade point average of at least 3. Those who want to train to become core collectors must be proficient in a foreign language.

Applicants for headquarters-based jobs must have a demonstrated interest in international affairs. While candidates can have degrees in a variety of disciplines, those who studied international business, finance, international relations , economics , physical science, or nuclear, biological or chemical engineering are considered the most desirable.

In addition to educational background, specific soft skills are essential to one's success in a CIA career. These are personal qualities with which individuals are born or acquire through life experiences outside the classroom. First is the ability to deal with job stress because spying is a career rife with it.

Other necessary qualities include superior judgment, the ability to multitask and manage time well, and excellent writing , listening , and verbal communication skills. Strong problem solving and critical thinking abilities are also essential.

A willingness to continuously learn is also important. The capacity to work with others is imperative because CIA officers often are part of a team. There you will also find complete details about the application process. First, create an account, but only if you plan to complete your application over the next three days.

After that period, your account will be disabled whether or not it is done. You will receive an on-screen confirmation—rather than an email one—after submitting your application. You can apply for up to four positions at once. Once your application is accepted, if it is, pre-employment processing may take up to one year. During that time, expect to have personal interviews, medical and psychological testing, drug testing , and a polygraph.

You will also be subject to an extensive background check , through which the DO will ensure you have no allegiances to other countries, are trustworthy, can't be coerced, and are willing to protect sensitive information.

If you want intrigue, the DO has it. Even the pages containing information about career opportunities read like a spy novel.

For instance, the word "spy" is nowhere to be found, and applicants are warned never to reveal their intentions. A life undercover isn't for everyone, though. One must keep his or her identity hidden from others. And because the work is covert, there is little public recognition for a job well done. The agency, however, rewards and recognizes its employees internally. DO officers serving overseas receive competitive pay.

Their benefits include housing for themselves and their families. Their children get educational benefits.

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