How to find someone to sew your designs

how to find someone to sew your designs

How to Get Your Product Made: Finding and Working with a Manufacturer

Find a Sewing Professional. Whether you need a custom-made garment for a special occasion or alterations to clothing that's already in your closet, a sewing and design professional can help you look and feel your best! Our members are dressmakers, tailors, seamstresses, alteration specialists, designers, teachers, sewing instructors, pattern makers, fabric and materials suppliers, and many other sewing and design . Feb 25,  · You'll need someone with experience in both patternmaking and sewing. Are you attempting to start a business? If so, you need to start reading at .

Logistics might not be glamorous, but you will need to focus on your production process if you want your business to thrive. When you you a creative business, one of the last things on your mind is logistics.

Your head is too full of colours, designs, mood boards and ideas to spare much room for youg less exciting stuff. But, as everyone knows deep down, the boring bits are what keeps a business thriving. Here are the steps to follow to find the right factory for you:.

FPP is inevitably more expensive, but can be the right choice for a designer with little or no garment-making or pattern-cutting skills. CMT tends to desigbs best for designers who already have a line of products and have been making them from their kitchen table. Getting recommendations from your friends, peers or network is the best way to find a good-quality, reliable factory.

Alas, the best factories are so highly prized that many designers are loath to share their contacts. Get what you can from them; even knowing the city that they produce in can help you narrow your search, as you might find a district that specialises in what you do. Alternatively, visit dedicated manufacturing websites that can help you filter results. After doing your research you how to cook with sherry inevitably have a huge list of potential factories to work with all around the world.

The best production managers suggest you try and keep it as local to you as possible, as this eliminates overseas shipping logistics and customs issues. Also, it means you are closer to the factory and can do first visits, second visits and quality control more easily.

What does a morkie dog look like less experienced designers it can also offer peace of mind — being closer to where too product is being made makes you feel more in control of your business. Cost is a factor, of course, and especially in the UK and US, prices are higher because of minimum wages, strict legal requirements and other factors.

Your perfect factory will have experience of producing the types of clothing and garments you want made, using the materials you want to make them with.

Check which areas it specialises in — bags, womenswear etc — and what machinery it has. The more clued up you are about the procedures needed to make your products, the easier this latter part will be. On this visit, be sure to discuss prices, schedules and minimums. Ten ways to make better business decisions.

Introducing new products - the business benefits of diversifying. The steps small businesses should take when chasing debt. Perri Lewis is content director at Masteredan online education platform. Mastered is hosting a free masterclass in garment manufacturing desgins Tuesday 23 September. This content has been sponsored by E. ON, whose brand it displays. All content is editorially independent. Sign up to become a member of the Guardian Small Business Network here for more advice, insight and best practice direct to your inbox.

Fashion entrepreneurs: How to find a factory to make your products. It is important you find the right factory to get your creative fund up and running. Perri Lewis. Thu 11 Sep Here are the steps to follow to find the right factory for you: 1. Do incredibly thorough research Getting recommendations from your friends, peers or network is the best way to find a good-quality, reliable factory. Short-list, and start local After doing your research you will inevitably have a huge list of potential factories to work with all around the world.

Read more stories like this Ten ways to make better business decisions Introducing new products - the how to get a job interview over the phone benefits of diversifying The steps small businesses should take when chasing debt Perri Lewis is content director at Masteredan online education platform.

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Tailors, Seamstresses, Custom Designers, and More

I am trying to develop a infant and small children's clothing line and just like you, I have some sewing skills and have been able to produce prototypes of some of my designs but I have been stomped in successfully finding a manufacturer or sewing contractor to take my designs to the next level. Sep 11,  · Your head is too full of colours, designs, mood boards and ideas to spare much room for the less exciting stuff. But, as everyone knows deep down, . Finding a U.S. Manufacturer to Make Your Product Idea – whether you go with a US manufacturer or not, this article lays out the steps to get prepared for your search nicely. Finding a Manufacturer vs. Licensing the Design – some solid advice exploring options.

Want to know how to get your product made? Our guide covers every step from researching and prototyping to finding a manufacturer. If you've finally decided to turn your craft or eureka moment into a full-blown business, congratulations-you're one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur! Understanding the business, however, can be tricky, especially if you plan on scaling up in the future and partnering with large vendors. How to do you find the right manufacturer for your product?

How many prototypes do you need? What's an NDA and should you have one? To help answer these questions, we asked the small business experts for their top tips to help you get your idea off the ground.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's something you'll want to be entirely sure about before you begin investing your time and money on production. What's your 'wow' factor? Whether you're starting your creations from scratch for the first time, or have been making something on your own and now want to expand , you can never do enough research before taking your next step.

For example, what is the need for your product like? Has it changed over time, or is it new? And see if they'd buy it, at what price point, and why. According to Liz Bertorelli, an entrepreneur in residence with Shopify and owner of online lifestyle brand, Shop Passionfruit : "Visiting a trade show dedicated to the industry you're interested in allows you to meet many key distributors and manufacturers at a single event who may be able to help you take your idea to the next level.

Before you start bringing in more people and larger companies into your production process, you may want to consider drafting a non-disclosure agreement or an NDA. This legally binding contract, or trade agreement, can help provide a level of legal protection against other companies from copying your idea. Have you developed a valuable brand name or logo that might warrant applying for a trademark?

Think of a prototype as your first draft-and something that will be helpful to have on hand as you start testing-continue researching and meeting with potential partners. As with any first draft, your prototype will not be perfect, and that's okay. Shakin says: "Waiting until your product is 'perfect' may mean missing out on the opportunity to receive constructive feedback.

If you find yourself needing to create more than you're able to, Ough suggests creating smaller versions or simulating them through a CAD program. Finding and working with a manufacturer that's right for your needs is crucial. First, decide if you want to produce domestically or overseas, as each will have their own pros and cons. Another great starting point when looking for manufacturers is to tap into your industry's small business network , as these folks will have valuable first-hand experience to share.

After doing your research on which manufacturers may be best for you, start narrowing down your list by comparing prices, timelines, and production processes. What is your sample pricing? What is your turnaround time? And what are the available payment methods? You'll also want to prepare a quality control checklist of what you deem acceptable say, minor discrepancies among products and unacceptable major shipment delays.

Once you've ticked these boxes, go ahead and give your manufacturer a call. A good manufacturer will want to help your business succeed ," says Ough. You've found the right manufacturer-congratulations! Now, it's time to start producing. Be sure to detail all specifications of your product like size, colors, and components on a spec sheet that you will provide to your manufacturer.

By having everything listed on paper in as much detail as possible, you can minimize any room for error and confusion. Still feeling overwhelmed about this process? Bertorelli reminds us: " Starting a business is a journey, and not a race; a journey still begins with the first step. Many new entrepreneurs get stuck in a vicious cycle of constantly evaluating ideas, and wind up never finding the elusive perfect product or starting the business.

The most important thing to remember is to keep moving forward. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

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June 29, I am looking for a manufacturing company cut and sew in the United States who has experience with dog apparel. Need help! June 26, Hi, I am developing a type of car freshener and I am looking for Chinese car freshener manufacturers that will help me in creating the plastic mold and the scents.

June 22, Hi, I have an idea in my head for bedding, is there a manufacturer that can help put my thought into a product. June 11, Very informative and interesting article. April 24, Hi my name is Deshauna. I would like to start a company for clothing apparel, handbags and luggage.

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