How to draw the nile river

how to draw the nile river

What Was Traded Along the Nile River?

Oct 16,  · This video goes with lesson 2 of "Mapping the World with Art.". Apr 08,  · my drawing for the Nile riverI hope u like it guys don't forget to subscribe & like you can follow me on instagram also:) " wsws_eldeeb"see u.

International Law plays an important role in resolving conflicts among states in the international arena. The conflict between the Nile Basin countries is a struggle over the legality of the Nile water, according to the agreements signed during the colonial era. The Nile Basin crisis is considered an international water law conflict in the regional system which arose recently. Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on the earth, before the emergence of international law and even the international water law international watercoursethe ancient Egyptians knew the value of the water of the Nile River because their life depends on agriculture.

The Nile River is one of the most important and the longest rivers in Africa and the world. According to the British Encyclopedia, Nile River stretches 6. Thus, the River between Lake No and the meeting point of Sobat River heads from west to east, joining the river at this distance Bahr el Zaraf.

As I mentioned above, the Nile River is of great importance to any country in the world including Egypt. When we mention the Nile River we have to mention the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Nile River has played an important role in shaping the life of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians depended upon the Nile River for agriculture and irrigation, so there is no doubt that the Nile River occupies a central place in the lives of Egypt and the Egyptians.

Egypt depends entirely on the Nile River for agricultural, industrial and domestic uses. Therefore, any shortage in the quantity of water supplied to Egypt has a direct and negative impact on its agricultural and how do i file a response to divorce papers production.

The struggle over the Nile River waters dated from the colonial era. The reason for the dispute during the post-independence period and until the negotiation process was the rejection by some states of the treaties that signed during the colonial era, such as Ethiopia. There were several treaties signed during the colonial era that addressed water allocation in the Nile River that still affects the contemporary negotiations among the Nile Basin countries.

InBritain and Italy signed an agreement determining their area of influence in the basin countries in eastern Africa to the outskirts of the Red Sea.

Whereas, the third clause in the agreement stipulates that Italy will not construct any works on the Atbara River in order not to impede its flow to the Nile. The fourth article in this treaty focused on protecting the interest of British and Italian nationals in East Africa and supervising the Red Sea corridors more than in the issue of regulating the exploitation of the Nile waters.

On May 15,a treaty was signed in Addis Ababa between Britain on behalf of Sudan and the Ethiopian Empire to demarcate and define the border between Ethiopia and Sudan.

In order to ensure the continuity of this treaty, it was stipulated that agreement must be adhered to by both parties and their heirs and those who succeed them to the throne.

In this agreement, it explicitly provided for the regulations of the exploitation of the waters of the Blue Nile, Lake Tana and the Sobat River, how to draw the nile river the need for prior notification before starting any what do holiness churches believe projects by Ethiopia.

The agreement focused on using the Nile water for irrigation, whereas, in the agreement, Egypt requested to abide what is citrix receiver for windows 7 its complete freedom regarding the negotiations that precede the conclusion of an agreement on Sudan.

Besides, the agreement also stipulated that Sudan would not build any dam on the Nile and its branches or on the lakes from which the Nile originates, whether in Sudan or the countries under the British colonial rule. After Egypt gained its independence and with the growth of the population and the increase of the development projects, Egypt wanted to store water for use in agriculture, irrigation and electricity generation, so Egypt started building the High Dam in Aswan, and also Sudan started building projects.

The importance of the Nile River between the two countries increased, as a result, the two countries signed an agreement in The agreement also recognized the rights of other Nile Basin countries to the Nile waters. According to the agreement, whether any of the Nile Basin countries want to claim their rights, then Egypt and Sudan will negotiate and reach a unified solution. However, the construction of the Dam has caused a row between Egypt and Ethiopia.

Until the early years of the twentieth century, there were no rules to determine how to use the international river waters among the countries. The relations between countries related to the use of the international river water began to complicate and the conflict among states seemed over how to use the water of the river.

So, international law defined some rules and theories in order to regulate the relations among states and the use of the shared waters between them. The theory of Absolute Integrity; this theory does not allow river states to use river water in a way that harms the rights of other river states.

Every country whose international river runs in its region has the full right to keep the flow of Nile water in its region without reducing the percentage of water that reaches it. The political borders do not separate the river from its source to its mouth. So, when any country wants to build any structure on the river or its branches, it must first inform the countries that share the same river it with.

The theory of Common Natural Resources; this theory was founded on the principle of good neighborliness and aims to the equitable utilization of international river waters between the riparian countries. According to the above theories, Egypt will offer several justifications under international law to support its claim and protect its right in the Nile River.

The treaty also precludes Ethiopia from building any projects that will affect Egypt. Egypt also has argued that and agreements between Egypt and Sudan, the agreements imposed a duty on Nile River Basin countries to take measures to prevent causing harm to other states sharing the Nile waters. Its worth mentioning that Egypt has already started diplomatic negotiations to resolve the dispute with Ethiopia, and the last of these negotiations were held in Washington.

The purpose of the international law is to fix how to draw the nile river problems and disputes that might arise among states. Nile River crisis is a major dilemma among the Nile Basin countries in the African continent.

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations that developed along the Nile River banks relies on the Nile waters for agriculture, irrigation and industry and so on. Thus, Egypt would justifications under international law international watercourse to secure its right over the Nile River. Amira Ahmed, Ph. Master in Diplomacy. Democracy simply means the rule of people through fair elections and equal participation.

Democracy follows certain principles and rules. People who are ruling at present should determine the person who will rule in their temporary absence. They have to monitor the behaviors of all in the offices. Assets need to be shown by all the political leaders. Elections cannot be just fair. They need to be free and conducted frequently. The set of rules and regulations followed by the leaders and the nation are all written in a constitution.

The main job of the government is to provide food, clothes, and shelter to the nation along with welfare. The Constitution limits the power of the government over how and when to make a decision. The government itself cannot make up rules and laws. It works on the rule that no one is above the law. The judiciary reviews all the regulations. Democracy defines liberalism i. However, democracy has many features. Power is separated among Legislation, executive, and Judiciary.

The constitution what is a internet virus the set of rules and laws. Decrees are sent in by the government regulating how the laws are being applied. Elections are held and there are a few political parties that hold elections within themselves and choose a leader among what are the three types of hate crime offenders who further stands in a how to dye your hair red with natural ingredients election for a seat.

There are three basic types of democracy. Direct democracy in which the head of state is a member of the government for one year. The government is made of the people elected by the political parties. Parliament is elected for a fixed legislative period. It is not necessary for the member of the government to be members of the parliament.

Laws are made in a rather time taking process. It seems to offer more checks and balances. It worked very well with the Swiss. Presidential democracy is one of the types of democracy.

Like in the USA and France, the president is the head of the government and the state. President is elected by the people. Ministers are nominated by the people too. According to this type of democracy, there is an institutional difference between the government and the parliament.

President has a very strong position. Laws are debated over and are passed by the parliament. Head of the state can be a Prime Minister who will be an elected person or a monarch. The parliament has the audacity to dismiss the government made by the parliament itself.

The members of the government have to be the elected members of the parliament. Though laws are made by the government they are passed by the parliament. Democracy basically what does par mean in light bulbs a competition of power as a political system.

The elected people are the highest political form of society. From leaders to the nation, power is deliberately flowed giving everyone their freedom and rights. The leaders are though holding the power temporarily. It is the duty of the elected people to listen to the problems and issues of the people.

The people have the right to criticize their leaders and ask for an answer if they have done something wrong or have not abide by the rules. Elections are to be occurred at regular intervals as per the law. This means that people who are sitting on powerful seats cannot prolong their tenure without asking from the people of their country. Elections should be held fairly. All the political parties and candidates should be selected fairly.

Participation of women is considered very important in this case. In all the political parties, women hold a fixed number of seats and are given importance. They work with men at all times for the upbringing of the state and to keep up a stable democratic state.

They have an equal right to vote and choose their leader accordingly. Women all across the world have joined politics now and are going for campaigns for the political parties.

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Apr 05,  · You have a chance to bring out a beautiful cruise through this tutorial on how to draw Nile River Cruise. Step 1. If you know how to draw stright lines half the sketch is done friends. We bring out the front portion using a black colour and we draw some straight vertical and horizontal lines. Step 2. THE NILE RIVER FOLDABLE INSTRUCTIONS Materials: • Boxes cut out from foldable template (3 blank, 3 with lines) • Construction Paper • Black Sharpie • Pencil Crayons or Markers • Notes on The Nile River • Scissors • Glue Step One: Fold construction paper in half, so it is tall and skinny, like a tower. Step Two: Glue the three blank squares. x child near the nile river drawing - Nile River Drawing. 0 1. x the nile river! - Nile River Drawing. 0 0. x best cleo de nile art images ever after high, monster high - Cleo De Nile Drawing. 0 0. x clawdeen wolf cleo de nile - Cleo De Nile Drawing. 0 0.

Scripture: Exodus Denomination: Baptist. The River Nile. The great river of Egypt, a historic stream that rises in the heart of Africa and flows northward for hundreds and hundreds of miles, bringing life to Egypt.

My soul has grown deep like the rivers. I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it. Something happened on the banks of the River Nile well over three thousand years ago. Something terrible, and something wonderful, all wrapped up together.

Exodus 1 : Turn to the Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8, verse One of the ironies of history is that the same systems which oppress people also provide the opportunity for their redemption. The same set of hatreds and prejudices and hardships which put people down and make life so burdensome … that very set of circumstances also has within it the possibility of giving birth to greatness. The difference is a God who is at work in all things for good, a God who calls those who love Him according to His purpose.

For example, would you agree that war is oppressive? The militarism of the twentieth century has taken countless lives and worked enormous hardships on literally millions of families around the world. Nobody in his right mind can say a good thing for warfare. War is an oppressive system. But because this nation had to prepare a defense to protect ourselves in such a world, because we thought we had to spend billions upon billions of dollars to defend ourselves, and put money and energy into military research, we ended up with lots of creative things we would not otherwise have.

I think of everything from satellite communications to interstate highways to countless medical advances. You computer whizzes win know that only just a few months ago they buried in Arlington cemetery a woman nicknamed "Amazing Grace".

She was at the time of her retirement the oldest officer on duty and the highest-ranking woman in the armed services. And she invented it originally for military applications, but it ended up revolutionizing the emerging computer industry. Out of something that came into being as a necessary part of defending ourselves against the oppression of warfare, we got a gift.

The difference is made by the God who is at work in all things for good, the God who calls those who love Him to serve his purposes. In fact, this God has always reached down among those oppressed so hard they could not stand, and has found Himself there a leader, a freedom-fighter. The very system that held people back, when God got involved in it, would always give birth to somebody who would lead the people to freedom.

Gather at the River Nile a few generations after the children of Israel came to live there, and we will see where oppression comes from. Oppression comes from the fear and dread in the hearts of those who would be oppressors … the fear and dread that somebody else is getting too strong. If you want a quick and easy formula to explain race hatred, class hatred, then here it is, thirty-three hundred years ago, on the banks of the River Nile:.

You see, the only reason anyone wants to oppress somebody else is to take something that he has. There is something that the intended victim has that is desirable, and so somebody else wants it and chooses to take it.

Now you know that history: you know that economics, greed was at the root of the slave system. Whether it was the rival chieftain who captured other West Africans in the first place, or whether it was the slave ship owner, or the purchaser, or whoever it was Just remember that it never would have worked if they had not seen qualities which were valuable.

There would not have been any point in forcing into servitude people who had no skills, no culture, no value. Oppression begins because the oppressor sees value in. And so though slavery was abolished, the same sick mentality, the fear of some created ghettos and segregation and a whole host of ways to deny the power of African-Americans. Scriptures: Exodus 1 , Exodus The Generous Life. Revival: Stronger Than Ever.

Established in the Love of God. Matthew: Discover the Kingdom. Racism grows out of the fears of the oppressors and attacks the leaders of those they fear. But God draws out of the waters that were intended to drown those whom He will use to lead His people to victory. View all Sermons. Exodus 1 : God grant that today our souls may grow deep like the rivers. Download Sermon with PRO. Browse All Media Related Media.

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