How to create a cd cover on photoshop

how to create a cd cover on photoshop

39+ Free CD Cover Templates PSD Download

CD cover maker is a tool to easily design a CD cover, DVD box or case inserts without Corel or Photoshop knowledge. DVD cover maker comes with CD label and DVD cover templates and supports exact dimensions setting, DPI/PPI resolution and paper positioning for printing labels. Let's face it, hiring a designer to make your art can be expensive. But, with Canva on your side, you can create one yourself easily and cheaply! Canva already has a collection of various album cover layouts, designed by professionals, to choose from and edit. In a few clicks, you'll have your design ready to share to the rest of the world.

If you want to have a very unique and attractive CD cover design, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are providing a big collection of highly professionally designed free and premium CD cover templates to choose from. Using an attractive and eye-catching CD cover design is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the audience. So, make your presentation interesting and unique. To make the process faster and easier, I have collected a total of 39 CD cover Design Templates to be able to choose the one which you think is best suited for you or your clients.

Most of these CD cover templates have been designed using Adobe Photoshop and hence available in PSD format for easy creats of your own design. So, go ahead and pick the best one from this amazing collection of CD cover templates to create your CD cover design easily and quickly. All you have to do is select one professional CD cover template and customize it according to your own needs. You can feel free to change the texts, images, color styles, and whatever you like.

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How to Create your Own Custom CD Covers

Create an online CD cover. forget about making boring designs with Word formats or getting stressed out by watching videos to learn how to use Photoshop. All you need is a device with Internet access. Also, each user has its internal memory, so it is possible to keep editing whenever he or she wants. Easier than Photoshop, our one-click text effect creator lets you easily add impact to your cover and set it apart from others. Blend Images Effortlessly for an Enhanced Look Mix and match different blending mode and settings to enhance the drama, mood and bring out the best in your images. Mar 15,  · As I said earlier, it is so easy to create a professional looking CD Cover templates printed inside as well as out using whatever software tools that you have in your computer. You can start with using any layout program like a publisher, Microsoft word, powerpoint, or any other graphic art programs including illustrator and Photoshop.

There are lots of useful PSD templates free that can be useful for you, your clients or agency and of course for your special works and ideas! You can find in this collection many special templates for different kinds of music and music collection.

The digital version of gathering music, photos and video should be visually appealing. All the templates can be easily customized and filled with necessary information and data. This program allows you to male all the necessary customizations and modifications you wish.

Also, you can change colors, add photos, text and other elements you wish. We add many collections with lots of Free PSD templates every week. We would like to invite you to visit our website again to find any free PSD templates and mockups you need for your business goals, special ideas, graphic works and many other. Have a nice watching and hope this set would be useful for you!

The template are very easy to edit. This is more than just a CD cover template. You get a full, designed, layered artwork, ready to use just put your photos over placeholders, and change the text. Also, you can use that space for legal warnings, etc. You can change colors, move things around, etc. There is a thin layer of my hand drawing on top of the brawn rusty layer that you can turn off.

Also, you get the Direct-on-CD print template, in the sam e package. This one is already there for you! Can be used for Mixtape, Album or Single Covers.

Easy to edit. Large design variation to keep your CD Cover original. This CD cover template is designed for a band, DJ or music label to promote a new album release. With this CD cover artwork you will create your own unique identity that stands out from the mainstream.

The photoshop file is well organized in folders and layers. Colors, pictures, elements and text can be customized quick and easy — all in a few clicks. Could be used like digital release cover images for soundcloud, mixcloud, …etc.

Unlimited color variations. Perfect for self promotion in club industry. Autumn chillout, downtempo, alternative music CD cover artwork templates. Suited for DJ mixes, music compilations, albums, singles or like a digital podcast cover image soundcloud, mixcloud,..

Even if your CD contains the best music in the world, it can not be popular without a decently-designed cover. We made a very creative template for your dics! Such a design is perfect for your records if your […]. Whatever CD cover design you made, it is essential to check how it looks.

Because such an approach will help you to save money and produce a really beautiful product. Here, you can see that the CD style is amazing since the picture looks very realistic. The template created for you by our designers […]. Using these amazing high-quality free unicorn graphics, free unicorn patterns, free unicorn illustrations and bundles, you add a touch of magic to any of your graphic design projects.

Looking for appropriate flyer design ideas? Stop wasting your time — here you will find 50 best flyer design ideas in We have prepared 50 gorgeous flyer templates for any occasion. Free […].

This awesome collection of free PSD mockups can be useful for designers, Cosmetic company owners, products promoters and businessmen. Are you planning a big music event or organize a huge concert and need a stylish and creative print-ready advertising flyer or invitation for spreading the word of mouth and invite as many guests as possible to an upcoming event? Download any you like and use them for implementing your wonderful ideas into life. We really hope that you enjoy this collection because each of these mockups is […].

Our new collection is dedicated to Book Mockups. Download any free PSD Mockups you like and you are free to use them for your private and commercial needs. Use these amazing mockups for your inspiration and for implementing into life your professional goals. Easily download any free mockups from this collection and become professional together with Free PSD Templates!

Do you need some special templates for your business? We have collected for you this interesting set of Free Restaurant templates of all kinds. All the templates look simple, clear and very perfect for many reasons. Download any of these Free templates right now and use them for your private and commercial use.

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