How to cancel ufc tv subscription

how to cancel ufc tv subscription

how do you cancel ufc fight pass?

Jan 15, Please see below for what successfully worked for me: E-Mail [email protected] from the e-mail account associated with your account. Outline the following: What you want to cancel, the date of cancellation, your account username, and that you Once you send that e Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. To cancel your UFC Fight Pass subscription: Via Web - Login to your account at and hover over your name in the top right corner. Then, click Account Info. Scroll down to where it says Packages & Purchases and click the Cancel link next to any applicable subscription.

Tickets are generally released for an event a few months prior to the fight. Please visit the Upcoming Events page for the most up-to-date schedule of events and what is the difference between angiogram and angiography cards on UFC. No, Pay-Per-View events are sold on a standalone basis until they are made available a few months after the initial airing and become available within UFC Fight Pass.

TV application on my iPad or iPhone, can I view the videos on my computer and other devices? TV account inside of the application which will authenticate the purchase and extend access to other devices. Email Support ufc. TV and devices. Then, click on the events tab and scroll down until you find your unique presale code.

Each presale code will allow you to purchase a maximum of six tickets for an event. Pre-sale tickets are not guaranteed. To join the greatest sports organization in the world, please visit our job board to see available openings and to submit your resume. Annual subscriptions are available now at ufc. Visit Bars. Visit UFCGym. Previous Next. Fans voices come first. Favorite athlete? Fantasy match-ups? Leave 'em here! Watch the Video.

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Click on the My Account tab on the top of the UFC FIGHT PASS page. Click on the My Subscriptions tab. Click Cancel Subscription and when asked to confirm click Yes, Cancel Subscription. You. Apr 05, Click on the My Account tab on the top of the UFC FIGHT PASS page. Once you are there, click on the My Subscriptions tab. Then Click Cancel Subscription and when asked to confirm click Yes. Dec 19, Click on the My Account tab on the top of the UFC FIGHT PASS page. Once you are there, click on the My Subscriptions tab. Then Click Cancel Subscription and when asked to confirm click Yes.

Seriously, I spent about minutes the other day running through every single section I could possibly go through to find any kind of delete, cancel or purge button. Which too me sounds like more streaming support and less cancellation support. Again, the UFC Fight Pass product is still going through a bevy of enhancements so this cancellation section is probably being worked on right now, but without having a proper setup and termination procedure from the get-go, it truly concerns me.

Especially when you have to consider how the UFC is storing credit-card info and how much can we really trust them, when they have already been through a security breach? By now, you are all probably feeling one-of-two-ways, first some of you probably think I am crazy, which is fine, but I am sure the rest of you are thinking, well how do you cancel your subscription?

The answer is somewhat irritating at first, but now since I have been through the process it is not completely terrible. Please see below for what successfully worked for me:.

Again, obviously, not the more horrific process I have seen to-date, but certainly not the most easiest and transparent like Netflix or Hulu.

Hopefully the UFC will fix this and for those of you looking to cancel, hopefully you found this article useful and you have as much success as I had.

Although, hopefully they spell-check the e-mail response back to you, as you can see from mine in the image above, I cancelled some form of UFC Trail mix?

You all should not be on computers! You are merely replying to comments. You are not in Fight Pass and they will not cancel this way!! Why are all you guys asking to cancel in the comments! You are merely talking to people not UFC fight pass!! You All should not be on computers!!!!!! I had the same problem as everyone else so I contacted zuffa.

They also cancelled my subscription. It truly did work. Good Luck! I am about to call my credit card company and stop payment. Never would have signed up if I knew it was this hard to cancel. Email [email protected] to cancel. As suggested above, also emailed them asking to purge my credit card information from the system.

To stop this follow these steps:. You will see your with auto renew selected. Deselect this and you should be sweet. You can pay for it anytime you want in the future. I can not cancel my subscription. No number to contact them. And when it says live chat it sends you to email. Why is it so hard to cancel. This is bullshit. Call this number ,i just cancel my account today. They want your money fuck customer service. Dont forget to ask for confirmation number, his name ,employee id.

No email confirmation either. Good luck. An unfortunately blank window will pop up, confusing many. Hit yes. Immediate email will go to your inbox saying that you are unsubscribed. April 22, April 18, April 14, April 11, April 7, April 4, I would like to cancell my fight pass subsription asap. To stop this follow these steps: 1. Thank you, Jesus!!! This was the biggest help of all comments!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You sir, are the real mvp! T-Dawg has it right! I just followed these steps and it took all of 2 minutes to cancel.

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