How to become a trade union representative

how to become a trade union representative

Become a Trade Union Representative

Disseminate relevant information. Give you and your colleagues a voice in the union and your Organisation’s decision-making processes. Attend meetings to discuss workplace issues relevant to you and your colleagues. Become involved in other areas such as . If you're interested in becoming a union representative, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We've determined that % of union representatives have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that .

Whatever your problem at work, from broken central heating to mass redundancies, UNISON workplace representatives repsstewards and other activists work together to protect the interest of members. Two of the key roles are organising and recruiting new members.

Recruiting is vital because greater the proportion of workers who are members of UNISON, the stronger we are when it comes to having our voice heard, and the more likely we are to win campaigns. Workplace roles. If you want to help members have a stronger union at work you could think about trying to how to make legal money fast elected as a steward.

Workplace stewards are the heart of our trade union. As a steward, you will help to organise your colleagues what are the symptoms for hiv virus an effective, strong and welcoming membership. Did you know that at workplaces with trade union health and safety committees there are half as many injuries than at workplaces that manage safety without unions or joint arrangements?

As a health and safety representative, you play a vital role in keeping our members healthy and safe at work. Union learning representativesoften known as ULRs, are passionate about getting people back into learning — whether it is professional qualifications or basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Equality is at the heart of the union. We challenge discrimination and win equality in the workplace and beyond. Everyone shares responsibility for equality in UNISON, but to be as effective as possible at tackling discrimination we also have dedicated equality reps. If you want to make sure people are treated fairly at work and what is evolutionary adaptation in biology not suffer from discrimination on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, religious beliefs or because they work part time, then you might want to think about becoming a UNISON equality rep.

As well as equality reps, some branches have posts for people who are affected by a specific type of discrimination, so that they can organise around addressing it. These posts do not exist in every branch but where they do they play a valuable role in promoting equality. If you feel you could fulfill this role contact your branch to find out how to go about it.

Our retired members either belong to the last branch they part of or to the branch closest to where they live. Branch roles. UNISON defends public services and fights against austerity around the world, as well as defending human and trade union rights wherever they are under attack. Branch international officers play a vital role in this. If you want to find out more about being a young members rep, contact your branch. It can be a more informal role than a steward or other workplace representative.

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Why become a union representative?

Mar 23,  · What do I need to do to become a trade union official? There aren’t any specific entry requirements for this role, but a lot of trade union officials have a degree or a professional qualification. It will help you to get started in this career if you have experience as an unpaid local representative, also known as a shop steward. Dec 19,  · In this episode of The Forum, we show you the start of how to be a trade union representative and specifically in The is part 1 in the series giving. In order to operate effectively as your Union, we rely on member volunteers to give their time and effort to become a Trade Union Representative. This vital network of Union representatives receive BDA expert training to be able to help and support you; their dietetic colleagues, correctly in the workplace. Both our Trade Union Representative and Health and Safety Representative represent you in the .

Below are some common questions that employees have asked concerning the representation process and its implications. If you have additional questions:. What is a union? A union is an organization which has as one of its purposes to collectively bargain the wages, hours, and conditions of employment of a particular group of employees. It acts as your exclusive representative for these purposes. In order for the union to become your exclusive representative, a sufficient number of employees must show an interest in being represented.

What does it mean to be exclusively represented? If, through the representation process, the union represents you, it also represents all employees in the same or similar job classification throughout the UC system. The union has the authority and the exclusive right to negotiate with UC management on the amount of wages, benefits and working conditions that the employees will receive.

How does a union become my exclusive representative? A union can collect enough authorization cards from you and your coworkers. It can also happen by a vote.

If that happened, you would be represented by the union. What is an authorization card? An authorization card is a document expressing support for the union and requires your signature. What does it mean if I signed an authorization card? It means you are choosing the union to act as your representative. A union may submit these cards to PERB, and based on a card check and not an election, become your exclusive representative if it obtains a majority of signed authorization cards.

If I signed an authorization card, am I automatically a member of the union? If the union is certified as your bargaining representative, you will have the option of joining the union or being represented by the union. If you are a member, you have the right to vote on union business. You can elect union officials, vote on negotiation issues depending on the union, or ratify the collective bargaining agreement. If I signed an authorization card, do I have to vote in favor of the union if an election takes places?

If the union collects enough cards, there will be no election and there will be no vote. Then your signature on the authorization card is your vote for the union. But if the union does not get enough cards, and there is an election, you may vote your opinion as of the date of the election.

You are not bound to vote for the union on the basis of your signature. If I signed an authorization card, and would like to revoke it, what should I do? Under current PERB case law, authorization cards cannot be revoked. How does an election actually take place and what will be my choices on the ballot?

You will have two ballot choices:. Whichever option receives a simple majority of the votes cast wins. If there is an election, is there a minimum number of employees that must vote in order to decide the outcome? A majority of the employees voting determines the outcome.

If only people vote, then only 51 need to say yes. They would end up deciding for every other employee in the group. This is why you should make sure to vote. Is membership in the union required to vote in an election? No, if your position is included in the bargaining unit, you may — and should — vote.

Does UC have an opinion about whether or not employees should be unionized? UC does not take any position on whether employees should be represented by unions. The University believes that its role is to make sure that you have an informed choice as you are faced with these important decisions.

If the union obtains a majority of signed authorization cards, or if a majority of voting employees elects a union as the bargaining representative, will I have to become a member of that union and pay dues? Membership in the union is up to you. By law you cannot be forced to join the union.

But you will have to pay something to the union for its representation. The amount depends on the union. If the union is certified by collecting a majority of authorization cards or by winning an election, would I still have to pay a monthly fee to the union even if I do not sign a card or vote against unionization and cannot vote in union decisions? Generally, once a union is certified, all employees represented by that union are subject to paying either dues or fees.

How is the amount of union dues established? The union determines the amount of dues and fees. The union would be able to inform you about their current dues structure. Will I have any say in the negotiations? Each union has its own rules about whether all employees or only union members i.

How can I express my opinion about whether or not I am represented by a union? You have several options.

You as an individual can make your opinions known whenever and wherever you and your coworkers gather for discussions of this type. You can make a decision to sign an authorization card if you are in favor of having a union as your exclusive representative. You may also choose not to sign an authorization card if you are not in favor of it. Bargaining Unit Matrix. Personnel Policies for Staff Members. Union-Represented Employees. Merced, CA Telephone: See our Campus Ready site for the most up to date information about instruction.

Directory Apply Give Enter your keywords. Human Resources. Navigation menu Human Resources. Directory Apply Give. Enter your keywords. Thursday 22 April Union Representation Frequently Asked Questions. If you are not a member, then the union will represent you without your voting. If there is an election, you can vote for union representation or you can vote against it.

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