How many c sections has victoria beckham had

how many c sections has victoria beckham had

How many c-sections are you 'allowed'?

Apr 03, †Ј Although VBACs are possible after one or two C-sections, they are unsuitable for many women as the uterine muscles are weakened following the . Jul 13, †Ј And year-old Victoria reportedly opted for a fourth C-section when she had her daughter at a California maternity clinic. The Beckhams, pictured with sons (from left .

Victoria and David Beckham, known in British tabloids as Posh and Beckshave been together since and married since July 4, The Spice Girl and the soccer star were a match made in gossip heaven.

Today, the How to care for pachysandra are still one of the most famous couples in the world, raising four children together : Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

Here's a look at some of the stranger things about the Beckham marriage. VIctoria grew up in an upper middle-class household Ч posh, if you will. Her father used to drive her to school in a Rolls-Royce, something she said was so embarrassed about that she used to get out of the luxury auto the block before her school.

David had a more middle-class background. But despite their different upbringings, they did have one thing in common Ч both his mother and her mother had worked as hairdressers Ч though Victoria's mother had left that profession long before Victoria was born. David Beckham was a great soccer player from an early age. He signed his first professional contract at the age of 14 Ч but his soccer skills were only part of what catapulted him to fame.

His good looks, as well as that lustrous hair, helped make him a legendary figure in the soccer world. GQ magazine even did an oral history of his haircrediting it, and him, with making soccer football, in United Kingdom parlance more popular in his homeland.

The Beckhams have even been named the UK celebrity couple with the best hair. For her part, Victoria Beckham has admitted she was once a "laughingstock" when it came to style, the Business of Fashion site site reports.

After the Spice Girls were kaput, she was "shunned," the article notes, by fashion brands who asked her not to wear their clothes because they "did not want to be associated with the perky breasts, pouty poses and what does a lamborghini look like inside blonde bob.

But Beckham put her head down when it came to developing her fashion lines. She said, "While everybody was busy laughing, what was I doing? I was laying the foundation to what I have in place now. Victoria Beckham said in a on-stage interview that it was her husband's relationship with his family that how to remove spyware from computer manually to her.

Victoria wrote in the October issue of British Vogue that it was "love at first sight with her future husband," how many c sections has victoria beckham had she admits to being "a little drunk" how to preserve olives from the tree the time. She noticed not just his family but his smile. And David still has the plane ticket from London to Manchester that she wrote her phone number on.

So sweet! The ceremony and reception were held at Luttrellstown Castle outside Dublin, Ireland. Victoria wore what Elle UK described as a "Champagne-colored Vera Wang gown with a foot train" with a corset inside. Atop her head was not a veil but a gold crown yes, really. The article says "A single white dove was released as they said their vows and a purple flag raised above the castle with the letters V.

We're not making this up. They also sat on golden thrones at the reception. To top it all off, their wedding cake topper was a nude sculpture of the couple, and they used a sword to cut the cake. Looking back on it in earlyeven David admitted on the BBC's Desert Island Discs show that the wedding was a little make that more than a little over the top. He talked about the matching purple outfits the couple wore at the reception.

He believed Victoria looked great, but he thought he looked like the characters from Dumb and Dumber. What was I thinking? So they've come a long way from those unfortunate purple outfits at their wedding reception. But the two of them have made some terrible fashion choices over the years, like matching black leather Versace outfits. In the past, he has how many c sections has victoria beckham had defended the time he wore a sarong.

When asked about her own fashion regrets, Victoria said to Time magazine in"People always say, 'Do you cringe? In a interview with The GuardianVIctoria talked about her multitasking and planning her career around raising a family, and how she managed it all.

She revealed: "When I'm lying in bed I think about the next collection. That makes me sound insane, doesn't it? That I'm getting into bed with David Beckham and thinking about clothes.

The nickname is about soccer Ч not his, um, testicular fortitude at least that's what she says. Victoria called her husband that on British TV in when talking about how he turned his soccer career around after his failure in the World Cup.

The unfortunate moniker has stuck to him ever since. David Beckham is known for many, many tattoos Ч at least 40 Ч and counting. Most are about his family or about his 7 soccer uniform number. GQ did a web feature in with an annotated guide to David's body art, and most are about their family. But Victoria doesn't remember how many tattoos David has, ""I've lost track! We would expect David to be pretty funny.

He's always smiling, after all. And he took People magazine picking him as 's Sexiest Man Alive in stride, saying, "We kind of laughed about it with the boys and the boys kind of laughed at me and said, 'Really?! Sexiest man alive? But Victoria, who is known for not smiling, is actually very funny as well. When doing a photo shoot in with the New York Timessomeone suggested putting some grapes in the pictures.

Why ruin that? She also cracked wise in this Vogue interview, joking that she's still waiting to get an Outstanding Achievement Award for Spice World Her husband posted a photo on his Facebook page that showed she does actually smile, too.

So there. Gossip columns have been writing that the Beckhams would be splitting up pretty much since they first married, or at least it seems that way. But inthings looked very bad for the couple's future. Rebecca Loos, David's one-time personal assistant, claimed that she had an affair with the sports star. Then the couple's former nanny alleged that the two were headed for what do different faces mean in text. Next, another woman claimed she slept with him in David denied the allegations, and the Beckhams weathered these storms like the power couple they are.

David's mostly squeaky-clean rep took a bit of a hit in February when hackers leaked a treasure trove of emails he wrote to his publicist. The hackers reportedly blackmailed the PR firm for 1 million pounds, and released the what do when your bored after they refused to pay up.

Is that why he also sent all those obsequious Instagram messages to Queen Elizabeth? When the Beckhams had their first child inthe story was that they named him "Brooklyn" because he was supposedly conceived in the New York City borough. But according to People magazine, the real story is a bit more boring. The magazine quoted from Victoria's autobiography, Learning to Fly what happened to trash compactors, in which she said the couple was looking for a name "that was a bit blokey.

Since that time, Brooklyn has become an extremely popular baby namebut for girls. Guess the name isn't so blokey after all. One thing the Beckham's have always had in common is their work ethic.

No wonder the family is worth close to million pounds these days, according to The Telegraphmaking them richer than Queen Elizabeth. Now the Beckhams' four children are pursuing their own interests, and developing their own brands. Vanity Fair says each child has "a singular talent," calling Harper "the future runway athlete," Cruz "the crooner," Brooklyn "the photographer," and Romeo "the model. Looks like we'll be hearing about Team Beckham for a long time.

Getty Images. Different childhoods, but they had hair in common Getty Images. Both were trailblazers when it comes to style Getty Images. It wasn't his looks that attracted her first Getty Images.

They had one of the most ridiculously ostentatious weddings ever David Beckham Instagram. Her clothing line Getty Images. Victoria has lost track of how many tattoos David has Getty Images. They're both pretty funny Getty Images.

They survived a few affair allegations Getty Images. They set the trend of naming kids Brooklyn Getty Images. The whole family has a crazy work ethic Getty Images.

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Jul 11, †Ј Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham both gave birth this weekend -- Hudson to a second son and Beckham to the first daughter after three boys. Beckham had been scheduled for a C-section . Jun 28, †Ј Though home births are on the riseand celeb mamas are leading the charge, one-third of American tots enter the world via Cesarean section. As the former Posh Spice prepares for her fourth Home Country: US. May 19, †Ј 58 Responses to УVictoria Beckham schedules her C-section in America, for the 4th of JulyФ Well with the c-section Victoria can have her mandatory tummy tuck done at the same time. A friend of mine has had FIVE c-sections Ч damn kids just wonТt come out on their own. I keep telling her to get a Velcro strip installed.

Jayne Hughes struggled to look her obstetrician in the eye as she faced him across the consulting table, feeling sheepish and embarrassed after confessing she was pregnant again. Jayne was expecting her fourth baby. Significantly, if this pregnancy were to progress, it would mean her going through a fourth Caesarean. Family fortune: Jayne Hughes, pictured with three of her four children, Jonathan, 11, Ben, 10 and Laure, seven, says she feels lucky her fourth pregnancy ended safely.

Her three previous Caesareans had left her womb with so much scar tissue there was a big risk it could rupture, either before or after delivery, resulting in Jayne bleeding to death. There was also the risk of the baby being starved of oxygen, leaving it severely disabled. Mark and I talked it through and decided that, although there was a huge risk, it was one we had to take.

And year-old Victoria reportedly opted for a fourth C-section when she had her daughter at a California maternity clinic. The Beckhams, pictured with sons from left to right Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, have said Harper will be their last baby. With a six-year gap following the birth of her youngest son, most people assumed she had followed the accepted unwritten rule that three C-sections were enough. So was Victoria, like Jayne, taking an enormous risk and putting her health on the line in her quest for a much-wanted daughter?

According to consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Clive Spence-Jones, a fourth Caesarean Ч or even a fifth or sixth Ч is not the automatic health disaster many people assume it to be, although risks do exist. Currently, 23 per cent of births in the UK are carried out by C-section, but many hospitals have much higher rates.

The more operations a woman has, the more scar tissue is produced, increasing the risk of the uterus becoming stuck to either the bladder or the bowel, again leading to greater risk of complications and further surgery. In this case, the risk is said to be one in Babies born naturally are understood to have a much lower risk of respiratory problems, and are also exposed to protective bacteria as they pass through the birth canal, helping their immune system to develop.

That said, Mr Spence-Jones says he has known women who have safely given birth in the UK to as many as seven or eight healthy babies, all by Caesarean section. Jayne's predicament bears a close resemblance to that of Victoria Beckham, pictured, who gave birth to her fourth child at the weekend - a daughter named Harper Seven - by Caesarean section. Four years ago, Debra Hicks, from Taunton, Somerset, gave birth to her eighth Ч and last Ч baby by Caesarean.

She was still three babies short of the world record, however, which is held by Kristina House, from the U. She was hospitalised, with complete bed rest, for the last four months of her pregnancy. My life consisted of reading magazines and waiting.

Like the Beckhams, who have said Harper will be their last baby, the Hughes decided to eradicate the risk of any more accidental pregnancies.

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